Our Students' May Math Achievements

Jun 12, 2017 | The Woodlands

We are proud of all the great work our student did this past school year. Here are their May achievements!

Gabreil Arias 90% Volume
Gabriel  Arias 94% Converting Measurement
Annabelle Bachrach 98% STAAR
Moyo Bakare 100% Measurement
Sylvana Bello 94% Transformations
Sylvanna  Bello 103% Linear Equations
Abigail Bishai 100% Capacity
Anastasia Bishai 95% Triangle Theorem
Anastasia Bishai 95% Algebraic Reasoning
Sean Bivens 100% Turning Decimals into Fractions
Nicholas Brach 83% Scatterplots, Equations and Regressions
Ella Cho 100% Math Review
Jacob Doran 100% Personal Finance
Samuel Grimes 95% Multiplication
Alexander Hazos 95% Computation
Jimena Huaman 94% Slope Test
Mustufa  Khan 98% Final Exam
Mustufa  Khan 91% Transformations
Zaid Khan 96% STAAR 
Zaid Khan 92% STAAR Test Review
Zubair Khan 92% Math Grade
Hudson Kulis 90% Multiplication
Nicole McCalla 100% School Subjects
Ksenia Nation 98% Math Review
Sruthi  Panja 90% Geometry
Sara Peavy 100% Line Plots, Parenthesis and Multiplication
Natalia  Rivera 91% EOC Math Exam
Rashiv Salooja 100% Math DCC
Sanjan Saranjan 100% Math Quiz
Ella Scott 94% Problem Solving
Ella Scott 100% Division
Ella Scott 100% Math Benchmark
Houston Scott 100% STAAR Review
David Sims 92 % Geometry
Chad Sokhon 105% Exponent Rules and Polynomials
Chad Sokhon 97% STAAR
Kelly  Spencer 92% Placement Test
Lilia Warner 85% Translations / Dilations / Transformations


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