1-on-1 or Group Instruction--What is Mathnasium?

Oct 23, 2020 | Walnut Creek

What's the difference between group tutoring and what happens at Mathnasium? Group tutoring sessions are where several students work with the same instructor at the same time working on the same type of math. You can think of them as small classes. What occurs in Mathnasium is unique, because instruction is always one-on-one AND instructors are able to work with a small group of students simultaneously. Check out the learning pod pictured below. This instructor sits in the center of a "pod" of three students, each working on different math concepts. She/he bounces from one student to another, constantly checking in, teaching briefly and then allowing time for individual practice as opposed to hovering constantly (which causes tutor-reliance syndrom). This teach-and-move method allows students to get the instruction, nudging and independent practice they need to build math self-confidence.