Improving the Mathematical Future of the United States via the Franchise Model of Mathnasium

Jun 3, 2016 | Walnut Creek

The universe runs on mathematical principles. Math is essential for the understanding, creation, and basic functions of life and business. Technology depends on it. Basic business principles depend on it. Life depends on it.

While it is true that calculators and computers can emulate and seem to replace a need for mathematics, at least in a short-term capacity, there comes a time when an individual needs to know the basics of mathematics enough to know whether the tools, computers, and all other technology are working properly.

If a person does not know that two plus two equals four, how are they going to know if their calculator is malfunctioning when it produces an answer of five?

Math is Fun (Yeah Right)

Math is not for everyone, as far as the enjoyment level. Oh, there are those who excel in math, and there are those who love math (generally the same people). In fact, there is an individual who blogs about math on Tumblr under the topic of “visualizing mathematics.” This blog demonstrates that that love of math does exist, even if it is not a frequent occurrence and even if it may not exist in every household.

What Do Statistics Say About Math?

An interesting survey gathered statistics and research (including design and method), but seemingly without a readily available date of the survey. Assuming that the survey is somewhat recent, the stats could be considered relatively valid (under the circumstances). A comparison of two statistics when it relates to Americans, was of particular interest. That is that over 90 percent of those surveyed found that math is important for success in life, yet 30 percent indicate that they “are not good at math.”

This says that people realize that when they lack math skills that they that are at a distinct disadvantage. Fortunately, though, there is hope in sight, at least for the active young people who have as yet to enter into the business world. They still have the time to learn math, especially in light of a company that focuses on building math skills in young people.

Enter Mathnasium

A franchise-building corporation called Mathnasium is making a difference. Each Mathnasium, with a name that conveniently includes “Math” and implied physical health of the word, “gymnasium” (psychologically conjuring up the idea of a “math workout”) is a “Math Learning Center.”

According to the Mathnasium website, they make learning math “fun and easy.” They pride themselves on how well they train their staff, having the best “math tutors” in the business. That is not all that makes them glow. They also happily gloat about their innovative teaching methods. These methods, according to Mathnasium, work on students who are challenged by the idea of math all the way up to those who are thrilled by the concept of working with challenging math problems. They also cover every student in between those two points.

Every Skill Level is Represented

The idea is that those who are already excelling in math can open that virtual door into the clouds and exceed far beyond anything they would have already imagined, simply by implementing the innovative math skills that they will learn at these Mathnasium Centers.

As you can imagine, for those who are a little more challenged when it comes to math, these same techniques can help them to get over their math anxiety and to start grasping the complicated math concepts little by little until they find themselves growing in their knowledge of the math-oriented subjects.



This is important because many of today’s most lucrative careers require an understanding of math. Mathnasium offers a solution.



There are more than 700 Mathnasium centers worldwide and more are opening every day as the need for skilled math instruction rises. Obviously, the founders and the thought leaders behind the concept of Mathnasium knew what they were doing. It is not just an answer to all the parents’ desire for their children to excel (or at least pass) math. It is much more than that.

The Mathnasium Franchise: Opportunity to Make Money While Doing Good

Mathnasium also provides a franchise opportunity. The model is very reasonable for rates and expectations for a franchise. This would explain why it is that so many Mathnasium centers are opening, even daily. It is easy to see how a Mathnasium Center may be the perfect choice for people looking for a lucrative franchise in which to invest while still finding an opportunity that makes them feel good about themselves and what they are contributing to the world.

Setting up the centers are fast and easy. Part of the reason for this is the way the franchise structure is broken down into modules. There is obviously the down payment amount (currently around $40k), and then there are amounts for various benchmarks that are expected to ensure that the Math Learning Center is top notch. So, this franchise model covers the financial aspect while covering a sort of checklist to ensure that the franchise lives up to its word and the Mathnasium name.

In comparison, a McDonald’s restaurant franchise can start at the $500K level instead of $40K.

As far as clientele, that is a piece of cake. With all of the students who are already struggling in math, there is a built-in clientele, and it is just a matter of advertising the availability of the Learning Center. As Mathnasium gets a better and better name for themselves, and more and more Mathnasiums pop up here and there, it will become more commonplace for students to be on the lookout for Mathnasium, not to mention their parents, with the credit cards and checkbook.

All it takes is a love of math and the willingness to embrace the Mathnasium Method of teaching math (if you are the person considering the franchise) and embracing the method of learning math (if you are the student or parent of the student). The result is a franchise that is in demand and beloved in any community that allows the opening of a Mathnasium. It is clear to see that people need what Mathnasium has to offer.

Why Should the Franchisee Expect to Be Successful?

Mathnasium is loved by franchisees because it is easy to set up, requires a start-up investment that is reasonable and not unaffordable (even with a loan), offers a superior product, and has a very successful track record. Plus, the company offers a comprehensive training program that’s easy to grasp, for the average person. The team is known to be passionate, which isn’t one of the first things that you expect in a franchise system or model. The team that helps to set up the franchise claims to be highly skilled trainers that can show the franchisee how to get the Mathnasium set up and running in no time and that process, itself, is a step-by-step learning process.

With a growing number of students (worldwide) needing math instruction, there is a strong demand for the product. There is no sign of that demand going down anytime soon. That means people will gladly pay for math instruction that’s easy to understand and that makes them more marketable, as employees, in their future careers, as well as passing their future educational benchmarks.

What are the Risks?

The only real risk that Mathnasium faces is if the human population was to be wiped out overnight (but then that would affect way more than just a few hundred Mathnasiums). The other risk is if another competitor came up with something similar that met the same need (math training) for less money or more profit. However, what Mathnasium has going for them is that they have already tried out this model, and it is already working. That is a leg up on the competition, and so they are well positioned for success.


Math proficiency has never been more important than it is now. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and one cannot let it grow without some oversight, which includes the sciences, of which mathematics is integral.

The days when people could count on service jobs to provide a solid paycheck are long gone. A large percentage of today and tomorrow’s high-paying careers require math proficiency. So if you are passionate about owning a lucrative business with a high probability of success and want to contribute to the mastery of math for people in communities worldwide, a Mathnasium franchise may even be a lucrative idea for you.

The Mathnasium Method of math instruction, based on 35 years of research, is making a difference. The company also provides 17,000 worksheets for teaching everything from basic math to calculus. So whether your child needs effective math instruction or you are looking for a great business opportunity, Mathnasium is worth checking out for the parent or the investor.