Math Skills Command Better Paying Jobs

Nov 25, 2020 | Walnut Creek

When I was a nervous high school math teacher starting my first school year, my older sister gave me a piece of advice that I've never forgotten. "On your first day of class, ask your students to raise their hand if they would like to be a millionaire one day." Like you, I wondered how this would help. She answered my question. "Tell them I've never met a millionaire who isn't good with numbers."

My sister is a financial planner--now of 12 years, the past 5 being spent with clients who have 5 million in assets or more. I recently followed up with her to see if her statement of wealthy people being good with numbers still holds true and got a resounding "Yes!".

Of course, being a math genius is not required to obtain significant wealth, but having the basics down--knowing your arithmetic is a huge part of creating and growing money. One more reason to ________________________. Yep--you got it! Bring your child to Mathnasium.

For more proof of the impact math skills make on career options, check out this great article!

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