Sick With Math Pain? Mathnasium Has the Remedy.

Dec 8, 2020 | Walnut Creek

Mathnasium says, "Kids don't hate math, they hate being frustrated."

Which begs the question, does math cause frustration?

It definitely can, yes...but only when taught at the wrong time or in the wrong way. The sad truth is that the negative stigma around math is pervasive because many students have had frustrating experiences around the subject.

I had an interesting surprise this week that validated the pervasiveness of math pain around us...

You see, I originally set out to write an article about the ways math makes us smarter. I went to Google to do some research and was stunned by the search suggestions that autopopulated. Take a look.



"Math is making me cry", "Why does math make me feel stupid?", "Why does math make me tired?"

Whoah whoah whoah!  These are desperate cries!  I feel sympathy merely reading these search terms.

Maybe you were a student who experienced severe math pain, and you're worried your child is now facing the same.  

Maybe your child had a math teacher that did not explain math in a way that fit her/his learning style.

No matter the cause, please know that Mathnasium can help your child.  We've helped thousands of students completely change their attitudes toward math by removing the frustration.

Check out the unbiased reviews of parents on

"My kids love the program, and enjoy going there. They truly make math FUN!" - Mary Lin

"I started my son in the Mathnasium program when he was in the 4th grade. He was having a hard time with 3rd grade math, so we decided to get him help before things started to snowball. Within a few months, Mathnasium helped my son learn all of his multiplication tables as well teaching him long division. We are now completing 5th grade math, and my son recently told me that it's his favorite subject." - Richard Hopp

Mathnasium's declaration is that math is joyful!  Math is fun!  Math is exhilarating!  It can build confidence instead of diminish it.  Math opens doors.  It is rewarding.  

If these statements make you raise an eyebrow, we highly suggest stopping by to see Mathnasium in action.  It might just change your mind:)