Top 5 Clever Math Halloween Costumes 2038

Oct 20, 2020 | Walnut Creek

Happy Halloween!

Later this week, we'll show of our Mathnasium costume winners, but for now it's time to highlight some of the most creative and clever math costumes around the web.  

Coming in at #5, Ms. Calculator herself!  A perfect replica of the trusty TI-85.

Can you solve this math costume?  4th place goes to the rubix cube!

This math teacher combined cute with clever to become a Pumpkin "Pi" for her students!  Deserves our #3 spot.

This math teacher's costume is not so cute or fragrant, but hilarious for sure!  The Cow "Pi" costume wins second place!


Our #1 spot goes to the cleverest (and scariest) of all.  Do you get it?  This ax thrower's carrying around his X and Y-axes.