What We Have Done To Adapt To COVID: 6 Ways We Keep Your Child Safe

Dec 12, 2020 | Walnut Creek

Running an in-person tutoring center in the midst of COVID-19 is not something we foresaw the day we opened our Mathnasium location.  

Walnut Creek covid

Seeing as there was not a playbook written, we turned to scientists, the CDC guidelines, our amazing Mathnasium corporate team, and other small business owners to implement a bunch of new practices as our "new normal".

You, as a parent, need to know your child's safety is paramount before signing off on any decision.  We at Mathnasium are doing our part to make that decision as easy as possible.  

1.  Masks are a must for instructors & students.

2.  One-way walk ways and capping capacity allow for at least 6' physical distance between bodies.

3.  Glass shields between instructors and students.

4.  Outside pick-up/drop-off instead of a parent lobby/waiting area.

5. Temperature checks.

6.  Constant (5 times per day) disinfecting of all surfaces including student binders.

We also understand that quarantine is the best option for some families and have expanded our world class math program online for those who would like to stay at home.

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