Mathnasium Student Spotlight: Meet Nicholas

Feb 22, 2018 | West Lexington

When I met Nicholas to talk about his love math I was surprised to find out that he really enjoyed trigonometry at 10 years old. Nicholas is in 6th grade and he wants to be a graphic designer. He enjoys looking at company logos and breaking them down to find the ‘math’ and hidden meanings within the logo. His face lit up when he told me that he loves to draw and play Pokémon. He uses math to help him with his drawing as well as advancing to new levels in video games. Nicholas is on the Academic Team, he tests in the math portion of the challenge. He loves coming to Mathnasium to challenge his math skills and to become better at advanced math. Interesting fact about Nicholas: he skipped 3rd grade. His favorite colors are light blue and yellow and his favorite food is ramen.

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