5 Math Tips for the New Year

Jan 19, 2022 | Wurzbach

The New Year has come and is a great time to have students evaluate themselves and the school year and set goals for a fresh start. Ask your child important questions about their homework routine, when they practice their math skills, what their study habits are, etc. These are the questions that every child and parent should think about. And this time of year presents the best time to do it. 


If you are searching for ways to set math-focused goals for your child in the New Year, here are some areas to focus on. 

  1. Set goals together and make them visible. 
  2. Spend time thinking about homework. 
  3. Make time to review math facts. 
  4. Instill good study habits. 
  5. Focus strongly on problem solving when setting goals. 

Whatever goals you and your child set this New Year, remember to keep them attainable and reasonable. The focus should not be on getting perfect test scores, but more about making small improvements that will have a lasting effect on your child’s math knowledge.

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