A Time For Math

Oct 30, 2017 | Wurzbach

A Time For Math

We are not all equal when it comes to learning. We do not learn the same way or in the same time. Each student is unique. When you train to become a teacher, it emphasizes repeatedly how different each student will be and how each path will be individualized. They stress that teachers should teach each student according to their needs. If they are a visual learner, the teacher must learn how to appeal to that style. If the student is better with a more verbal learning style, the teacher must teach that way, for that student, with each subject. Can you imagine the difficulty? Teachers must help every individual student learn every subject in a manner at which is best suited to that student.

Teachers must study and realize how best to help each student in their class. How can they do this? With about 20 students in each class (perhaps a few more or a few less), how on earth can they be expected to make sure that each child will succeed in every subject? No matter what the grade, math is going to be a very small portion of the school day. Math is not an easy concept and students are expected to understand it in a very limited amount of time. In the town we live in, and many others, the solution to children having trouble in school is to make the day longer. In reality, children need more one-on-one instruction. Classrooms really do not allow for that.


Students do not realize the importance math will play in their life. Can you think of a job or position that will not require the use of math? Even a stay at home mom will need to use numbers if they plan to bake, make a bottle using formula, or shop for groceries without overspending. Maybe the reason Americans have so much debt is because they lack the skills needed to budget.

Math is most definitely a part of everyday life. The time for math is now and every day of our lives. Math is not one of those subjects that we can memorize, take the test, and then forget about. Some math skills must become part of our everyday process. Using a program like Mathnasium is now becoming a necessity. Even if a parent has unlimited time to devote to each of their children to help them study and pass each subject (and who could?!?), they are generally only helping them with homework for a program that is not proving to be successful. Students are not learning math as a lifelong skill. The Mathnasium program is not just a homework helper. They are there to help the students learn math for life. Today, teachers, parents and students can use all the help they can get! To join Mathnasium of San Antonio and start helping your child love math, give us a call at 210-494-4111.

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