The Math of Pi(e)

Oct 20, 2022 | Wurzbach

Last blog post we spoke about how you can use cooking and baking as a tool to teach your child math concepts and have them apply what they have learned in real world situations.

With that goal in mind and with fall being upon us we are going to walk you through how you can do just that… with pie. We are going to be focusing on fractions and what a better way to practice than with food, right?! Especially Apple Pie!

One way to teach fractions while making an apple pie is to have your kids watch and name the fractions while you cut each apple first in half, then in fourths. And then have them cut up the slices into smaller pieces with a duller butter knife, counting as they put them in the bowl.

Have your kids measure the ingredients like sugar or cinnamon. Once the pie is assembled, kids can assist with the temperature and cooking time. Finally, once the pie is all baked, you’ve got the best math fun of all - fractioning off the pie for EATING! While slicing, have your kids announce the fractions.