Sep 25, 2017 | Wurzbach

The Math Problem

                We all want our children to succeed. It is difficult to watch our children struggle in school. Watching them struggle with a subject, or a concept within a specific subject, hurts us as much as them. We want it to be easy and when it is not, we want to help them succeed, help them understand. Last year my son struggled with math. Not because he does not understand math, but rather because of how his days were set up.


                Photo by K. Koch

                This was the first year for him to be in GT. His GT classes were during the math instruction section of his day. This meant that he was leaving his normal class every day during the math section of the day. He was falling behind and he was stressed. He did not want to come home and do more work either. Every day was full of work. There was little time for fun or play. They had one thirty-minute recess. (Which after lining up to get there and to leave, ended up being less than thirty minutes.) His day was full of go, go, go…but no fun times.

                In truth, I did not realize why he was having a hard time at the beginning. I was not told that he was missing the math section of his class every day. My assumption was that just did not like math. He told me often that he was bad at math because he did not like math. It was not until later in the year that I discovered he was missing learning the math concepts. He is lucky because he was able to attend Mathnasium. After only a few sessions, he started to catch on and understand better. Once he was instructed in math, he started to succeed. He ended the year with an A.

                My son is not the only one struggling with math. Kids all over the country are struggling. They have days full of instruction and sports and programs. It seems like they have far less time having fun than I did when I was growing up. The teachers are being pushed to have students pass the test, but have classes that are too big and too little time to help such larger classes. I cannot tell you how many parents I have met in the past year who told me their child was struggling.

                As parents, the choices seem to be to let our kids figure it out for themselves, to sit and work with them every night, or to get them tutoring. Children are tired. Often, children are tired after a long day of working. They don’t want to sit down and spend MORE time on a subject that already frustrates them. There are so many amazing teachers but the system is not helping them. I highly recommend having your child attend Mathnasium if they are struggling with math. From experience, the program works! My son does much better in math now thanks to what he learned. Math takes him longer than other subjects. I wish I had realized earlier that was missing class. Mathnasium is a great program to help with math. Children are going there to learn math. They are not just going to be given help on homework and sent off. They will be taught math and math concepts. Mathnasium wants children to actually LEARN math for themselves. Not to memorize one concept and pass that test and forget the idea. They want them to learn math for life. A skill each child is sure to use in their future!


Photo by K. Koch

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