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Proportional Thinking

Apr 24, 2015

  Let's explore the world of Proportional Thinking before we dive into the fourth Operation Mathlete challenge! Numbers, big and small, are connected to one another by proportion. Thinking proportionally means understanding the arithmetic re...

Sneak Peek: Operation Mathlete Proportional Thinking Challenge

Apr 23, 2015

  It's time for our mathletes to take on their next concept: Proportional Thinking! Max, Sky, and Shana have been learning and training with their math gurus, and they're ready to take on the next challenge. Get a sneak peek at Episode 5 of ...

Mathnasium Student Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Schools

Apr 14, 2015

  We love cheering on our Mathnasium students as they achieve academic success, and we couldn't be prouder of high school senior Munira Khalif for securing acceptance to all eight Ivy League schools! Munira is a former student at Mathnasium of ...

Operation Mathlete Episode 04: "Percents Challenge"

Apr 13, 2015

  Max, Shana and Sky are ready for their next big challenge! This time they put their thinking caps on and tackle percents. After preparation and training they are off to compete! Can our mathletes master percents and win $200? Tune in and find...

Sneak Peek at the Operation Mathlete Percents Challenge

Apr 10, 2015

  Are you ready for some fun with percents? Our fearless Operation Mathlete contestants take on their next challenge, but first they have to master working with percents. Check out this teaser video and introduction to percents to get ready for...

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