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Mar 12, 2015

Let's explore the world of Patterns before we dive into the first Operation Mathlete challenge! Check out this video to brush up on your patterns knowledge so you'll be ready for the challenge alongside our mathletes!   Watch from the...

Sneak Peek: Operation Mathlete Patterns Challenge

Mar 12, 2015

It's time for our mathletes to take on their first challenge! They'll be tested on Patterns with a fun step challenge in Episode 2.  Watch this sneak peek of the patterns fun!       Watch from the beginning: ...

Pi Day Showdown: Pi vs. e

Mar 9, 2015

Two mathematical constants. One bitter rivalry. Things are about to get irrational. Pi Day (3/14) and e Day (2/7) celebrate two very important mathematical constants. But Pi gets much more attention on his big day, and e has finally had enough!...

How To Throw Your Own Pi Day Party

Feb 28, 2015

  Here at Mathnasium, our love for math is like pi – irrational, constant, and infinite in scope. This year we're celebrating a truly exciting once-in-a-century Super Pi Day! On March 14th, 2015 at 9:26:53 a.m./p.m. Pi will be displayed to 1...

Operation Mathlete Episode 01: "Initiation"

Feb 27, 2015

  The first episode of Operation Mathlete is live! In this episode, "Initiation," host Larry Martinek gets to know our contestants. Each competitor goes through a math assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses prior to the first challenge...

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