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WE ARE OPEN! Offering Live In-Center and Online Math Tutoring options. Our new Supervised Study Space program also offers parents a drop off option for students to attend their Online school classes from the comfort of our learning center.

News from Mathnasium of Mira Mesa & Scripps Ranch

Another Quarter Brings New Challenges

Nov 6, 2020

As the first quarter of the school year wraps up and we look toward the start of the second quarter, we must take inventory of what we’ve learned and plan for the future mathematics success of all our students. The new adjusted academic schedule and virtual learning model carries some challenges, but we’re as committed as ever to ensure your children maintain a strong mathematics foundation through our mathematics learning centers and math tutors. 


Typically, students will go no longer than 3-4 months (summer vacation) without having a mathematics course. However, given the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic students who resume their mathematics education now in this second quarter will have gone 8 months without it!! This presents new and uncharted learning territory for all of us, but together we will work to maintain students’ progress and success in the classroom. 



We understand this extended stay away from mathematics may cause students to struggle with their homework, quizzes, tests, and it may affect their critical thinking skills as they work in their other classes. To guarantee students are well-equipped and have the most support possible during this quarter, it is essential for them to enroll and resume their Mathnasium programs.


By doing so now, at the start of the new quarter, they will receive consistent support throughout the quarter, rather than only partially if they start later. This will minimize the likelihood of them experiencing greater struggles and they will rebuild and maintain their motivation to do well and their overall confidence. 


Mathnasium is an expert learning center for kids, let us make a difference in your kids life by enrolling today!


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