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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Sekhar Potluri, Center Owner

Sekhar has always loved math and enjoys being around kids and helping them learn to enjoy math. Sekhar has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Before finding Mathnasium, he spent ~18 years in IT, retail Management, and ventured in other businesses but he always wanted to do what he loves most, being around and teaching children. He believes that the Mathnasium method of teaching math can change a child’s attitude towards math and help them develop a deep understanding of “number sense”. Sekhar and his team at Mathnasium of Morgan Hill are committed to helping children grow their interest and confidence in math, and are very proud to bring the Mathnasium Method to your children in the Morgan Hill area.

Geethika Potluri, Center Director






 Diana, Asst. Center Director

Diana is passionate about working with families, and helping them achieve their goals. Her background is child development and cognition, and she earned her Psych degree from the University of Waterloo. Diana has worked with children, youth and their families in various capacities over the years, including Child & Youth Counselor, Child & Parent Program Coordinator and Parenting Education Facilitator. Diana is dedicated to providing Mathnasium students  with a positive, and supportive learning environment.

Devanshi, Lead Instructor 

Devanshi loves teaching and working with kids. Devanshi has been with Mathnasium for many years, as an Assistant Center Director, and Instructor. Devanshi likes teaching math the “easier and fun” way using the Mathnasium methodology and material. She graduated with a Masters in Economics from St. Josephs College, Bangalore University, India and worked in banking and education prior to finding Mathnasium. Devanshi enjoys seeing the difference Mathnasium makes in the lives of so many kids.  

Francesca, Lead Instructor 

Francesca has always been passionate about math. Even as she pursued her degree in molecular biology and biotechnology, she continued taking advanced mathematics courses. Francesca has a penchant for teaching kids, and hopes to engage their interest in learning through her enthusiasm for math. 



Pryanka, Instructor 

Pryanka is a pre-med student at UC Davis. "Understanding math concepts ensures a pathway to previous and future learning, rather than just accumulating layers of formulas that eventually peel away."


Ryan, Instructor

Ryan is a sophmore at Ann Sobrato High School. He has a fond joy for learning and explaining math concepts, especially Algebra. "At first, I was really excited about teaching mathematics; as I kept teaching, I came to love interacting with the students too!" 



Akash, Instructor

Akash is a Christopher High School senior who takes great interest in STEM subjects. Mathematics has always  fascinated him beacause it allows us to solve everyday problems and understand our world. Akash hopes to one day pursue a STEM career. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of math with others, and teaching math the Mathnasium way.



Mimansa, Instructor 

Mimansa is a senior attending Valley Christian High School in San Jose. Her love of math, and more specifically calculus, started with her love of aerospace engineering. Mimansa hopes  to become an aerospace engineer and spread a love for math in the world at large.   "Math isn't easy. It takes a lot of creative thinking and understanding to solve problems. But along the way, you realize how fun it can be, and how much more you want to know."


Michelle, Instructor 

Michelle is a senior currently attending Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose. She enjoys solving  problems, whether they are from the basic fundamentals of math, or as complex as trigonometry. Her breadth of knowledge and communication skills help her connect with students, and further their understanding of math.