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News from Mathnasium of Mount Airy

Our COVID-19 Policies

Nov 20, 2020

Here at Mathnasium of Mount Airy, we take COVID-19 very seriously. The safety of our staff and students is our top priority. With the number of cases and positivity rate rising, we want to make sure everyone feels safe in our center.
Our existing policies were designed with the careful consideration and we strive to find ways to improve them every day. We have reviewed our policies and are increasing their stringency out of an abundance of caution.
Transparency is the key to keeping everyone safe and on the same page. In that vein, we have detailed our existing policies below, as well as new policies that will decrease risk and keep everyone in our family safe.
1) All students and staff have their temperature taken at the door.
*New*: All students and staff must pass a 9 question health screen in addition to their temperature check. Anyone failing any part of the health screen will not be allowed to attend.
2) No more than 1 family is allowed in the lobby at a time.
*New*: Parents may not wait for their students inside the lobby, they must wait outside. (It's cold, we know, it's not the greatest situation😢❄️)
3) Capacity is limited to 17 maximum at all times (including staff), with two additional spaces reserved for assessments if necessary. This is below 25% of our maximum operating capacity.
4) All students and staff must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds (with soap) immediately upon entering the center.
5) Students are seated 6 feet apart.
6) Instruction is face-to-face with plexiglass between instructor and student.
7) Chairs, desks, and possibly-touched parts of the plexiglass are cleaned with a bleach solution between students.
8) All utensils are individually assigned to each student. No utensils are shared, even between instructor and student.
9) All utensils, instructional tools, and games are cleaned with a bleach solution between uses.
10) No porous materials are used except to clean.
11) Frequently-touched surfaces (such as door handles) are cleaned with a bleach solution daily.
12) Key areas of bathrooms are cleaned with a bleach solution after each use.
13) Air Conditioning or heating is left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
*New*: We are replacing our air filter ahead of schedule to ensure it is capable of consistently filtering particles that can carry COVID.
14) The center is ventilated frequently by opening one or more doors to create air flow to disrupt any lingering particles.
Thank you for your time and we appreciate all our community has been doing to keep our students safe in our center.
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane,
The Team at Mathnasium of Mount Airy