Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.

Kendall Zickefoose

Assistant Center Director

Kendall attended Stevenson University for Math and Science Education, with an emphasis on 4th through 9th grade STEM. An avid connoisseur of snacks, one of her joys in life is Coca Cola! She also loves cats and all sorts of films and TV shows!

Kendall loves teaching math because math helps build everything! She loves that she gets to help others make sense of their world!

Her favorite subject to teach is from Prealgebra to algebra I because going from number sentences to expressions and equations is so fun and a big mile stone!

Favorite Math Joke: (Kendall and Matt have almost the same favorite math joke!)
How do you keep warm in a cold room? Go into the corner - it's always 90 Degrees!

Interesting Fact: Kendall played Basketball all the way through high school, and even coached for a short while!

Alissa Robbins

Assistant Center Director

Alissa is a current undergraduate student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County and she is working towards getting her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Math was always one of her favorite subjects in school growing up, but when she started her first Algebra course, she knew it was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life!

Alissa loves teaching math because the possibilities are, quite literally, limitless!

Alissa loves teaching secondary education mathematics, so anywhere from 7th grade and beyond. Around middle school, students have a good structural base of the basics of math (addition, subtraction, etc.) so now it's time to build on the knowledge they have and expand their horizons!

Favorite Math Joke: Teacher: "What's 2n plus 2n?" Student: "I'm not sure, that sounds 4n to me!"

Interesting Fact: If she wasn't a Math Major, she would be a Music Major! She plays the flute and guitar and took several electronic music and music theory courses in high school and early college.

Kristen Ellis

Lead Instructor

Kristen Ellis started geeking out on math at a young age and went on to major in mathematics in college. She has been a math educator for over 2.5 decades, teaching kids, teaching teachers, writing curriculum, running math clubs, and generally spreading math joy everywhere she goes.

Favorite Number: 24 (a beautifully composite abundant number)

Favorite Math Joke: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 “8” 9. (classic nerdy math joke)

Interesting Fact: Kristen ran in a Pi Race, which was 3.1415 miles on 03/14/15. She did not win the race, but won a chocolate pie for reciting the most digits of pi (over 100) in a fierce competition among many other mathletes.

Rani Patel

Instructor and Social Media & Marketing Manager

Rani is a junior at George Washington University, majoring in biomedical engineering. She loves art and graphic design almost as much as she likes math and science. She likes teaching math because she gets to help others build those connections between concepts and problem solving.

Her favourite subject to teach is algebra because it is a "melting pot” of math concepts and ideas.

Favorite Math Joke: Who’s the queen of the pencil case? The ruler.

Interesting fact: She uses British English spelling because she learned English in Ireland.

Kassydi Kusmiskis

Instructor and Assistant Marketing Manager

Kassydi is a rising senior at Damascus High School. She loves traveling and spending time with friends!

She loves teaching math because she enjoys working with kids and helping them understand difficult concepts. Her favorite subject area to teach is elementary school-level content. Elementary-age students ask great questions and are so kind!

Favorite Math Joke: Why was math class so long? The teacher kept going off on a tangent.

Interesting Fact: She shares a birthday with Tiger Woods and Lebron James!

Cassie Murphy

Sales Team

Cassie is a middle school math teacher by day and a longtime team member here at Mathnasium center by night! She attended University of California-Riverside and received a B.S. in Math for Teaching Secondary School. She is a mother to the two most wonderful children and enjoys spending her time off exploring with them.

Favorite Number: 222 (the time her son was born 2:22pm)

Favorite Math Joke: Why can you never trust a math teacher holding graphing paper? They must be plotting something.

Interesting Fact: She was born and raised in Southern California but she first moved away from California just before she started at Mathnasium!

Nora Ellis


Nora is a part of the inaugural class of the Early College program at Frederick Community College and they are taking college classes full time during their junior and senior years of high school. They love hanging out with their exceptionally long cat, Zak. They love playing all types of games: video, board, and escape games! Nora loves helping people "get math!" and is thinking about becoming a teacher one day.

Their favorite subject to teach is algebra because it is the gateway to upper level math!

Favorite Math Joke: There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Interesting Fact: Nora is on a mountain biking team and they sometimes mountain bikes with their small terrier, Dixie, who is the most enthusiastic and fastest on the trail!

Khang Le


Khang is a senior at Urbana High School and he enjoys many STEM-related subjects such as Math and Computer Science. He also enjoys physical activities such as running, biking, and swimming. He is planning on majoring in computer science at University of Maryland. Khang loves teaching math because there are many ways to find a solution to a problem and he is interested in seeing how different people approach a problem!

Khang’s favorite topics to teach in math are in the realm of Algebra I and Algebra II!

Favorite math joke: What is the derivative of a cow? Prime Rib

Interesting Fact: Khang has jumped from a 21 ft. cliff into a cenote

Leaf Kullgren


Leaf is a junior at Linganore High School who plans to study in the fields of physics and astrophysics. She loves learning about new topics, especially about languages and different fields of mathematics. Leaf spends most of her free time playing video games with her friends whenever possible. Leaf loves to teach math because she enjoys helping others understand things. Assisting others in finding their own “A-Ha!” moments is by far her favorite part about teaching.

Leaf’s favorite subject to teach is Algebra because of all the new and old concepts that come together to create a completely novel topic.

Favorite math joke: Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip? To get to the same side!

Interesting Fact: Leaf has spent way too much time practicing baking a specific type of bread: the French fougasse (which, surprisingly enough, is shaped like a leaf!)

Sam Zaloudek


Sam’s favorite hobby is running, and he runs Track and Field as well as cross country for South Carroll High School. He also enjoys working with computers. When he’s not running or playing video games, he enjoys hiking/adventuring in new places around the country. Sam loves teaching math because math has very concrete answers with many ways to find them, while he feels that other subjects have a variety of answers with vast processes.

Sam’s favorite topics to teach are in the realms of pre-algebra to algebra I because his teachers for those topics set his foundation for math!

Favorite math joke: Why are obtuse angles so sad? Because they are never right.

Interesting Fact: Sam has been to about half the states in the United States!

Riley Sheehy


Riley is a sophmore at UMBC majoring in computer science. He loves sports and animals, especially dogs. He loves teaching math because it’s his favorite subject and he want others to understand it better.

His favorite subject to teach is Geometry because everything works out so perfectly!

Favorite Math Joke: Why did the math book look so sad? Because it had so many problems.

Interesting fact: Riley has a black belt in Taijutsu!

Iris Ellis


Iris is a human being* who teaches math. Iris attends a college somewhere. Their favorite subject is tea time. They work at Mathnasium as a math instructor and enjoy being a human being* and teaching math. Their favorite part of teaching math is the math They enjoy going off on tangents, factoring, and taking long walks on the beach, preferably all at the same time.

Favorite Math Joke: Iris believes that math is a very serious topic and should NEVER be joked about.

Interesting Fact: The iris is a flat, colored, ring-shaped membrane behind the cornea of the eye, with an adjustable circular opening in the center.

Liz Hackley


Liz is a rising sophomore at Gettysburg College. She enjoys solving puzzles, drawing, sewing, and playing volleyball. She loves learning math, and teaching allows her to share that experience of learning with others. Her favorite subjects to teach are algebra I & II, because they cover so many skills that are essential for higher levels of math. She remembers struggling through parts of these classes, and how rewarding it was to finally understand an idea.

Favorite Math Joke: Parallel lines have so much in common. Too bad they’ll never meet!

Interesting Fact: I like riding roller coasters, the higher and faster the better.

Dorian Sellers


Dorian is 16 years old and a rising senior. He is always excited to get to help others with math!

He loves teaching math because of his affinity for the subject, which makes it easier for him to help others and under

His favorite subject areas to teach are Algebra 1 or AP Calculus not only because they are his strongest areas, but also because so many students struggle with them and he loves seeing those light bulb moments!

Favorite Math Joke: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9.

Interesting fact: I’ve been playing piano since I was 4 with no clear end in sight.

Chloe Trevino

Information Coming Soon!

Lucy Curtis-Cherry

Lead Instructional Assistant

Lucy is a senior at South Carroll high school. She loves working with kids and helping them learn and grow. Lucy also loves to write, be creative, and hopes to major in journalism or political science.

Her favorite math subject is algebra and she likes using pictures and visuals to explain math concepts.

Favorite Math Joke: I had an argument with a 90° angle. It turns out it was right.

Interesting Fact: Lucy plays soccer and loves to snowboard in her free time!

Jack Geiger

Instructional Assistant

Jack loves to watch and play sports, especially football on Sundays. He's also a big nerd when it comes to video games and has been gaming all his life! Jack loves math because it can apply to many other subjects. Math is all around us and if you know how to do it, you can make things you do everyday so much simpler.

Jack's favorite subject in math is fractions because he likes understanding how they interact and all the different techniques you can use to manipulate them!

Favorite Math Joke: Why was math class always so long? The teacher kept going off on tangents.

Interesting Fact: His uncle played in one of the Super Bowls during the 80’s and even caught a pass from the quarterback!

Jordan Qureshi

Instructional Assistant

Jordan is a Senior at South Carroll High School. He plans to study either engineering or physics in college. He is also the Vice President of South Carroll High School's Robotics Team, the RoboCavs, and the team captain for South Carroll's "It's Academic!/Academic Challenge team". He is a 3rd Dan black belt in Tang Soo Do. He is also a total adrenaline junkie - the faster and crazier the ride/coaster the better!

Jordan has always loved learning and teaching math. It allows him to not only relive that excitement of learning new concepts, but also learn it from a new perspective!

Jordan's favorite subject to teach is algebra because it is when you first take an active part in math. Rather than just performing operations, you begin taking advantage of the rules of math to manipulate equations, find variables, and solve problems.

Favorite Math Joke: √(-1) 2^3 ∑ π... and it was delicious!

Interesting Fact: Nora stole his joke(!) and the picture is Jordan at his graduation ceremony from the Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama.

Tiffany Huber

Instructional Assistant

Tiffany is 18 years old and she is a senior at Urbana High School and a MFRI student. She loves helping kids and seeing excitement when they complete something challenging!

Tiffany's favorite age to teach is 2nd-5th grade. She loves fundamental math!

Favorite Math Joke: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9.

Interesting Fact: She's training to be a firefighter and an EMT!

Natalie Costa

Instructional Assistant
Info Coming Soon!

Gabriela Diaz

Instructional Assistant

Gabriela enjoys painting, drawing, reading, and meeting new people. She will be starting college in a few months to study chemistry - which can be scary when it comes to the math and formulas involved! She loves teaching math because she enjoys seeing students transition from no understanding of a topic to true lightbulb moments!

Gabriela's favorite subject area to teach is foundational mathematics because if you don’t understand the fundamentals, future math is going to be harder and she loves helping students prepare for their future.

Favorite Math Joke: A hispanic magician is doing a trick where he disappears. He starts counting “Uno….. Dos…” and he disappears without a Tres.

Interesting fact: She has 2 different thumbs!

Helena Garcia

Instructional Assistant

Helena is a junior at South Carroll high school. In her free time she loves baking, reading, and enjoys working with kids!

She loves teaching math because it is fun when you get to understand it and can feel accomplished. Her favorite subject to teach is Algebra because of how each of the concepts tie in to one another.

Favorite Math Joke: Why can’t your nose grow to be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot.

Interesting Fact: She plays volleyball and plans on being an accountant.

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Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor
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