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News from Mathnasium of Mount Lebanon

Five Movies (or Books) to Encourage a Love of Math

Dec 29, 2019

The right story can inspire a lifelong passion in your kids—maybe even for math and STEM! Our favorite family-friendly movies are inspiring and based on true stories, with math and/or mathematicians as part of the story.

Enjoying movies together is a favorite family activity, and if those movies incorporate math in an interesting and engaging way, all the better! To inspire a math student in your family, we recommend the following movies based on true stories and that feature math and/or mathematicians.


Note: The first three movies are rated PG and the last two are rated PG-13. We encourage you to use your own judgement about what movies are appropriate for your family. Common Sense Media offers free information about specific, age-appropriate topics in any movie. 


You may also enjoy the associated books as a good family read aloud.


To explore the complete list click here. 

For kids who already love math, these movies will become instant favorites. For kids who are still on the fence, math movies can be just the inspiration they need to see how cool and useful math can be!