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News from Mathnasium of Mount Lebanon

Mathnasium Homeschool Program

Aug 9, 2020

Homeschool Math Program
only at Mathnasium of Mt. Lebanon
for kids ages 7-15
Math instruction customized to your child’s ability, learning style, and pace
Mathnasium-trained instructors create a fun, positive, and confidence-building educational environment
Strategies that develop a student’s ability to work independently
Consistent parental support in the form of progress reports and monthly updates on skills mastered
Growth-based learning plans that are continuously updated
No matter what your goals are as a homeschooling parent, Mathnasium can help you achieve success. We have a proven record of helping students realize their potential in math. Some of our best-performing students have been homeschooled students. Mathnasium can help your student prepare for any goal, whether that may simply be a well-rounded K-12 education or preparing them for post-secondary studies.
Many parents find teaching their children math the most challenging aspect of homeschooling. At Mathnasium, we have trained instructors who will teach your kids exactly what they need to know. This instruction is done at the student’s own pace, with extra attention given to any topic that is particularly challenging.
During sessions at Mathnasium, your student will experience a balance of personalized, attentive instruction and socialization alongside their peers. Parents choose to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons, including concerns about whether the student will “fit in” in a bustling public (or private) school or receive the attention that they need in a large classroom. Our commitment to a low student-to-instructor ratio is further emphasized now as we introduce special hours available solely for homeschool students. We invite you to visit our learning center to see how we’ve created an environment that is conducive to education and still fun and relaxing.
Getting Started as a Homeschool Student
The first step of the enrollment process will be to take an assessment to see your child’s current mathematical ability. During this initial appointment, please bring in recent work from your child. Doing so will help us better adjust what exactly your child’s curriculum will be.
Will my child get one-on-one attention?
Yes. Our student to instructor ratio averages 3:1. This means that students receive the one-on-one attention they need in a small group environment. This benefits the students because they not only receive the coaching needed to learn new skills and concepts but we also give them the "space" needed to independently apply and practice these ideas.  
Who are your instructors?
We have the best and brightest instructors. Most of our instructors are college students or recent graduates. They are caring dedicated instructors with strong math backgrounds. Our instructors have been background checked, trained in the Mathnasium Method and most importantly can relate well with students.
What curriculum do you use?
Mathnasium’s proprietary curriculum focuses on pinpointing each child’s skills and knowledge to build a customized program designed to help them build their number sense—an intuitive understanding of numbers, their magnitude, relationships, and how they are affected by operations.
Counting is the ability to count from any number, to any number, by any number. It’s the times tables (counting by 1, 2, 3 ... all the way to 12). Ultimately, it is the prediction, interpretation, and creation of patterns.
Wholes & Parts
Knowledge of wholes and parts is the ability to “see” wholes and parts in a given question and to utilize the ideas “the whole equals the sum of its parts” and “each part equals the whole minus all of the other parts” to answer the question at hand. It’s the basis for fractions, decimals, and all equations that are balanced parts of a whole.
Proportional Thinking & Change
Proportional thinking and change is the ability to compare numbers by division and by subtraction and to use this knowledge to solve problems by “reasoning in groups.” Parts of the whole act in proportion to one another like the gears of a clock or geometric shapes coming together into a single form.
These three elements are further subdivided into the following 20 curricular areas:
  • Counting
  • Half
  • Proportional Thinking
  • Laws of Mathematics
  • Fraction Concepts
  • Percents
  • Geometry
  • Money
  • Patterns
  • Problem Solving
  • Number Facts
  • Computation
  • Sameness, Quantity, Value
  • Negative Numbers
  • Number Theory
  • Measurement
  • Wholes and Parts
  • Data Analysis
  • Algebraic Thinking
  • Math Vocabulary
How much does it cost?
Our homeschool math program is affordable and we offer a discount if you enroll your child for a full year. You can enroll anytime. We prorate the first month based on the number of sessions left in the month. There is a one-time registration/materials fee of $50 per student.
What's included?
  • 2-3 hours of math instruction per week --- a total of 9-13 hours per month!
  • Flexible scheduling --- Choose the days that work for your family
  • Flexible makeups
  • Rewards program for students and parents, including a $50 gift card for each referral

Begin by scheduling your free assessment and consultation.