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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

 Jessica Saldivar, Center Director

Jessica was formally a Lead Instructor at the Mathnasium in Corona and was the Assistant Center Director for the Mathnasium in Temecula. She studied Neuroscience with an emphasis in Psychology at the University of California, Riverside. She plans to attend medical school in route to becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon. Jessica is fascinated with how children develop, both from a neuro-biological perspective, and also in a very practical sense when it comes to discovering new ideas and concepts. It excites Jessica to think about how much more there is to learn and discover about the brain and how much potential each child has to develop and grow. Whether it is a student who is years behind or one that is performing above their grade level, Jessica is always looking to help cultivate the learning process. Jessica also happens to be a lover of the arts. In fact, it was art and music that taught Jessica how fun math could be. To this day, she plays multiple instruments and is always up to learn something new (at the moment it’s Polynesian Dancing and rock climbing). 

 Zack M., Assistant Center Director

Zack comes to us as a Mathnasium alumni once upon a time ago. He was a part of our program when he was younger and has joined our team because of his love for math and helping others. Zack studies Biology at the University of California, San Diego and aspires to be a biophysicist. He enjoys nature and wildlife and intends on doing what he can to help preserve it. He has a passion for assisting students in accomplishing their goals and overcoming conflicts whether it pertains to math or other areas of life. Math has always been an easy subject for him and wishes to share that passion with others. His easy-going nature and witty humor allows him to connect with and relate to the students easily. He is a firm believer in making life simple and focusing on the solution rather than the problem.

 Emma P., Instructor

Emma knows first hand the power of a great teacher; her love of math blossomed with the guidance of a dedicated and inspiring algebra teacher. Emma enjoys helping others overcome their fears as they struggle with math, turn math from something scary to something beautiful. She hopes to inspire young women to enter STEM careers. She aspires to earn a masters degree in liberal arts education and math in order to one day become an algebra/pre-calculus  teacher for high school students.  Emma enjoys singing, reading and getting a good workout. Her passion for making others smile and telling corny math jokes makes her a favorite member of the Mathnasium family.

Daniel M. Instructor

Daniel is currently attending the University of California, Riverside and is working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. He loves to share his joy for math with others, which is evident every time he walks into the center. Outside of our learning center, he enjoys spending time with his peers, friends, and family. He is very happy to be at Mathnasium to share his passion for math with kids and has a blast helping them further their knowledge.

Daniel B., Instructor

Daniel, popularly known as "Brownie" or "the Other Daniel", is a musician and an athlete but has always been drawn to math as it is a particular subject that he has excelled in. Capable of understanding complex concepts newly presented to him, Daniel is able to adapt his mind-frame and knowledge to what is best suited for the task at hand, making him an excellent instructor here at our center. With these skills, he is eager to help others conquer even the toughest of problems and make math a little less intimidating here at Mathnasium.

Megan O., Instructor

Megan graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelors Degree in Math-Computer Science. She loves seeing the "lightbulb moment" a child has in the center when a particularly difficult subject starts to make sense. She enjoys taking complex math problems and breaking them into smaller problems that are easier to solve. In Megan's free time, she enjoys going to concerts and reading a good book. 

Christian D., Instructor

Christian is your friendly neighborhood instructor who has a passion for learning and helping others in any way possible. His love for math can be traced back all the way to his early kindergarten days when he was first introduced to the wonderful world of numbers. Aside from the fact that math is the universal language, he loves math because the subject always gives him a challenge to overcome. Christian plans to further his studies at the University of California, San Diego where he will pursue a degree in Math and Economics. He someday hopes to become an international economist and work for the United Nations. Outside of the math scene, you can find Christian with either colored pencils or oil pastel in hand, creating a new masterpiece..or binging on TV shows. Christian is always eager to help each student with tricky concepts and furthering their understanding of the math that they are working on in class.

Sophia V., Instructor 

Sophia comes to us with a love for teaching and helping students become stronger in their math abilities. She finds math both challenging and useful in our everyday lives.  She is currently a student at Mira Costa pursuing her dreams of becoming a math professor. Sophia, or Ms. Sophie as our students like to call her, can be found exploring other talents such as jazz dance and going on food adventures for the next hip boba place. Sophia hopes to use the skills she learns here at Mathnasium to help her become a college math professor or an actuary.


Jenny A., Instructor

Jenny is working towards a double major in both biology and mathematics. She is a math tutor for the Avid program at Murrieta Mesa High School. While in high school at Chaparral, Jenny helped establish a tutoring program for special education students to increase their reading scores. Every year she volunteers as an election officer for elections as a way to participate in her community. She loves helping students who struggle to understand math realize that there is more than one way to approach a math problem. She plans to be a high school teacher and hopes to help students learn to love math just as much as she does. 


Euge Y., Instructor

 Euge aspires to further his studies and major in Aerospace Engineering. He enjoys music and playing instruments such as the piano and guitar. He also holds an interest in cars, especially the mechanical side of things and how they function. He has always loved math because the concepts can be both interesting and challenging. This motivates him to work towards a greater understanding of the subject. He hopes to share his knowledge and passion with the students that he works with in the center.


 Jeric S., Instructor

Jeric is a current student working on his Business Marketing degree. He loves that math is everywhere and that there are patterns to be found in the math world and in the real world. He finds that math is handy in problem solving, not just in a textbook or classroom setting but in every day life. Jeric has many talents and hobbies which include dancing, singing, lifting weights and videography. He uses his talents and skills to be a positive role model for students and enjoys showing students in the center different methods of teaching and understanding difficult math concepts. 

Alec M., Instructor

Alec has always been drawn to math, part of the reason being that math problems are like challenging puzzles that he enjoys solving. He enjoys playing soccer and other sports such as pole vaulting and football but also extends his hobbies to designing and coding video games. He enjoys tutoring students because he likes to help them try to understand new tough concepts and seeing them take new ideas and running with them. He also enjoys working with students and see how their minds work.


Tomás B., Instructor

Tomás is a pure mathematics major at Cal Poly Pomona with a passion for helping those who want to better themselves by giving them the tools to succeed. Tomás is humbled by mathematics, as he believes that the right answer isn't the only thing matters, but rather how you get there. In his free time, Tomás enjoys working on cars, fishing, and the great outdoors.  



Christina H., Instructor

Christina is known to be a social butterfly and has a passion for helping others. She loves math as it is a puzzling language for others and it is something fun to solve. As a Math-Education graduate from Humboldt State University, she is currently working on her teaching credential and her masters at California Baptist University. In her freetime, she loves going to eat at sushi restaurants as well as running and swing & line - dancing. Christina is extremely excited to be working with all the students at Mathnasium and cannot wait to work with everyone.

Patrick M., Instructor

Patrick comes to us as a graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Kinesiology Degree and a Minor in Biology. Patrick loves math because it is useful for everything in life and important for everyone to understand. In his free time, Patrick loves playing basketball, hanging out with friends and family, chilling at the beach, and enjoying the hottest boba place around. Patrick plans to attend physical therapy school and is hoping to help students understand and love math.