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Problem of the week

Complete the problem of the week* and receive 5 bonus punches!  Parents, join in the fun by helping your student get started!

Lower Elementary:

Question: Each soccer team has the following players: 1 goalie, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 2 forwards. How many players are on 5 soccer teams?


Upper Elementary:

Question: Jayce and Arianna are practicing their golf swings. They bring 32 golf balls to the course. Jayce hits all 32 first, then retrieves all but one. Then it’s Arianna’s turn to hit all the remaining golf balls and retrieve them, but she also loses one. If this pattern continues, who will take the 12th turn, and how many golf balls will he or she hit? Find a way to solve the problem without counting each turn.


Middle School:

Question: Chad and Michael play on the same baseball team. Last year, they both had a batting average of .240. Michael’s batting average increased by the same amount that Chad’s batting average decreased. If Michael has a batting average of .270 this season, then what fractional part of Michael’s new batting average is Chad’s new batting average?


Algebra and Up:

Question: Magenta and Tavia are both running toward a soccer ball. Magenta is 28 meters away and Tavia is 33 meters away. If Magenta can run 2.5 meters per second and Tavia can run 2.75 meters per second, then how much sooner does the player who reaches the ball first get there?

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