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You can smoothly transition your child back to in-center learning at any time (barring any state-directed public health restrictions), as we are beginning to re-open our center while continuing with the option of Mathnasium@Home instruction.

News from Mathnasium of Myers Park

How To Stimulate Your Math Brain

May 20, 2020

Math is beneficial for everyone and that goes beyond what is needed to function throughout day-to-day life. Math is particularly beneficial for children as brain growth is at its height during childhood. That is why the importance of math should not be underestimated. Using math to stimulate your brain will also strengthen it and expand on what you may be able to do later in life.

Math is beneficial to developing other areas of study. Practicing math involves the recognition of patterns as well as a constant need for creating connections. These are critical thinking exercises, which serve to strengthen muscles in the brain. This helps in other subjects even though the material being taught may be completely different. Moreover, problem solving is a skill learned in math and when adults attempt to problem solve, it is rarely done in an attempt to find a square root or value of x. Problem solving is a life lesson that starts being learned in math class.

Learning math skills also allows children to identify patterns. The use of mathematical equations shows students how to understand procedure. Once that procedure is learned, students begin to understand the how and the why. There suddenly becomes more than just an answer, but a deeper level of understanding of how to arrive at that answer. When that type of thinking transcends to other areas, students begin to develop depths of understanding. And that all begins with a simple math problem.

The math muscles in the brain are a type of foundation that will support intelligence for the rest of a person’s life. Many parents spend hours, days and weeks engrossed in extracurricular activities. And while activities like dance and soccer have their benefits, they dim in comparison to the benefits attained from practicing math. That means stimulating a child’s math brain does not have to conclude once the school bell rings. It can continue after school and truly help to build a powerful brain.

A stimulated math brain heightens a child’s level of awareness outside of the realm of numbers. It is important to note that math is continually changing our world. New energies and technologies could not have been achieved without mathematics. Developing math skills early provides a better understanding of this ever-changing and evolving world. And stimulating a math brain early could be the difference in a person changing the world in which we live.