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Magic or Math

Jul 11, 2020

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With summer in full swing, kids may not be “feeling” the math lately. In addition to the card games mentioned in the previous blog, we have a math trick that can help your student see how cool math really is!  We all appreciate a good ol’ magic trick, especially kids. You might even be a little surprised to see their eagerness and excitement to learn math magic tricks. 


This math magic trick is based on a very simple mathematical fact:

Each pair of opposite faces on a six-sided die always add up to seven 


In any six-sided die: 

  • 1 is always opposite 6, thus the sum is 6 + 1 = 7 

  • 2 is always opposite 5, thus the sum is 2 + 5 = 7 

  • 3 is always opposite 4, thus the sum is 3 + 4 = 7 


So… all you need for this trick is a six-sided die and basic addition/subtraction skills! If you’ve got that, you’re ready for the trick. 



  • Roll the die and once it has landed on a face, gently pick up and turn the die so that the face that it landed on is only visible to the other participant

  • Tell your friend to memorize the number and keep it a secret 

  • While your friend is viewing and memorizing this number, take the number that is opposite and subtract it from 7

  • This will give you the number that they are viewing, allowing you to “read their mind” 

  • Say “Abracadabra” and reveal the number 


And voila, MAGIC









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