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Tutoring is not the solution

Oct 21, 2017

Tutoring is the not the solution!

We at Mathnasium of Newport Beach are so excited to open our doors so that we can change the lives of so many children.  When math is taught in a way that makes sense to the child, a whole new world is opened up to them.  Kids will love accomplishing their math work because it no longer becomes a task but more like a puzzle that needs to be solved.   We have assessments for all grade levels, in addition to fluency tests in essential math concepts (ie, numerical fluency and multiplication facts).  For example, if a 1st grader, 2nd grader, or 3rd grader are not strong with thier numerical fluency then as they progress  math will only become more of a tedious task for them.  However, here at Mathnasium, we have a numerical fluency assessment that will allow us to develop a learning plan to suit the needs of your lower elementary child.  The numerical fluency assessment is not only for 1st thorugh 3rd graders, if we observe a child that is in 7th grade that needs it, we will provide it so that we ensure the weak areas are being strengthened. 

For many who search for tutors, they are not a long term fix.  The unfortunate reality of  most tutors is that they only fix the immediate problem.  Not many tutors are equipped to provide the curriculum for a 7th grade student that needs work on their numberical fluency.  More than likely that tutor willl reinforce the use of a calculator and that student will continue on with a weak understandning of numberical fluency.    

In addition, for children that need enrichment, Mathnasium of Newport Beach can supply that as well.  So if your child is in 4th grade and they do amazingly on Checkup 4 then we can provide the next suitable checkup and create an appropriate learning plan for that child who is ready for more challenging material.  Enrichment doe not mean more work, it means work that makes the child think a little harder.  

We are so excited to get our doors open to meet the needs of our community.  We are here to help and we cannot wait to do so!