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Mathnasium now offers BOTH in-person and live, face-to-face online instruction in compliance with CDC & State guidelines.

News from Mathnasium of North Beverly

Updated Safety Protocols

Jan 14, 2021

Dear Families,


With the infection rate increasing around the county, we have taken a close look at how we can maintain our in center offering in the safest way possible for families who value the in person service. Our @home offering has been a valuable option for those who prefer to stay distanced (or simply find it more convenient to attend from the comfort of home) but we do appreciate how much it means to some of you to see instructors in the center.


As we continue to follow all CDC guidelines, we would like to highlight what new improvements we have made to kick it up a notch as well as remind you what precautions we have been and will be continuing to take.


How we’re kicking it up a notch:


Smoother Transitions

  • Sessions will begin wrapping up 5 minutes earlier so as to generate a buffer between the end of one session and start of the next which will decrease traffic during transitions.

  • We please ask that parents wait outside of the center when dropping off or picking up their child(ren). 

​Distancing Stickers

  • There will be 6 ft spacing stickers placed in key areas: ​

    • Check-in area inside the center

    • Bathroom waiting area ​

    • A new sign has been placed on our entrance asking families to wait if they see 2 students already inside checking in.

Face Shields

  • All Instructors will now wear face shields during instruction.

Curbside Pickup for Prizes

  • Please use this form to redeem reward cards earned in your Mathnasium sessions for contactless or curbside pick-up. (This link can also be found in the scheduling app under “Prizes & Rewards” in the main menu. In this form, you will be asked to pick a date and time for contactless or curbside pickup for your chosen rewards. The date and time for curbside pickup will be confirmed via text prior to the scheduled date and time.

    • You can check how many full reward cards your student has earned by navigating to their Instructor Session Notes Google Sheet. (If you are having difficulty locating this Google Sheet, please search your email inbox, please text , or email


What we’re continuing to do:

Managing High Traffic Areas

  • Students will take turns getting up for prize redemption, bathroom breaks, and prize wheel spins (our high traffic areas of the center).

  • Instructors will direct students to tables as needed to avoid backups at the check in station.

  • Students must request to redeem prizes during their game time rather than after a session ends when other students are checking in up front.

Appointment Scheduling

  • All sessions are scheduled by appointment only – our scheduler allows us to track student-instructor pairings and durations for review of close contacts as needed.

  • Appointment time increments are limited so that transitional times are only scheduled to occur on the hour or half-hour rather than every 15 minutes.


  • Students must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds upon arrival before joining their Instructor. All Instructors are also expected to wash their hands upon arrival, and should find opportunities to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

  • All desks, chairs, and learning tools (including chromebooks and any writing utensils) are thoroughly sanitized before and after each session.

  • A deep cleaning takes place each morning for all center surfaces and learning tools by a dedicated cleaning staff before Instructor arrival.


  • All student desks and chairs are set up in a way that allows for 6 ft distancing between students. (Exceptions can be made when grouping students in the same household.)

  • Please note: In an effort to maintain instructional quality in the center, while we are not guaranteeing instructors maintain a distance of 6ft from students at all times, we have instead opted for face shields to be worn by instructors (see above bullet point).


  • All students and Instructors are required to wear masks on the instructional floor at all times.

  • We have plenty of extra disposable masks available just in case.


  • Snacks are to be consumed outside the center – students are free to take a snack on their way out, but should wait to open it until they are in the car or home.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about any of these protocols or to discuss whether the in center or @home option is right for your child.


Thank you for all of the positive support we have received towards both our online and in center options in a challenging year.




The Mathnasium Team