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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:


Dan is the Center Director of the math learning center in North Carlsbad. Dan Horne, Center Director

Dan is your friendly neighborhood mathematician.  The desire to help reveal the beauty of math and make "math make sense" to kids is what brought Dan to Mathnasium in the first place. He is organized and tactical in making sure every student's individualized needs are met.

Dan offers outstanding consultative advice to educate parents and students on the Mathnasium program and the academic expectations of kids today with Common Core standards. He is able to communicate how short term goals lead to overall math success. 

Knowing success breeds success, Dan will help design a personlized learning plan that is just right for each student so they can meet their math goals in an efficient manner.  He is happy to offer a consultation with you to discuss your student and how Mathnasium of North Carlsbad can be of service.


Catsy is a lead instructor of the best math tutor center in North Carlsbad.Catsy, Curriculum Director

Catsy has her degree from UC Irvine and plans to become a high school math teacher! While she loves math as a whole, she is particularly partial to upper level courses, such as algebra, geometry and calculus. She is clear, patient, and able to help your student fill in gaps or beome enriched. Catsy is an expert at making math fun for kids and ensure they always have the right material.



Anton, Instructor

Anton is a transplant from New York with a love for math and computer science. Anthon says, "One of the most rewarding aspects of working with students is when they understood a certain concept, I can see how genuinely ecstatic they were by how their faces lit up with joy and relief." He adds, "Teaching math and logic is teaching how to think more efficiently." We agree, Anton!


Sam, Instructor

Sam is a San Diego engineer by day, and moonlights helping students master math in the evenings! He is fantastic working with our older students on higher level math, but can easily transition to our youngest as well. Sam is clear and patient, and can bring real world STEM connections to the math.


Victor, Instructor

Victor is an engineering graduate of University of Arizona. He has spent a couple of years in the Peace Corps and recently transplanted to coastal California. Victor is strong with all math levels, highly personable and fun.


Rachel, Math Beast

Rachel is a junior at Carlsbad High School. As a child, she struggled heavily with math until receiving tutoring from Mathnasium where math became enjoyable. Eventually, math became one of her best subjects and was awarded "Mathematician of the Year" from Cathedral Catholic High School. Inspired to give back to others the same way Mathnasium did for her, she wants to make math fun for others! Rachel either wants to pursue a career in national defense or in biomedical engineering.


Suzy, Math Beast

Suzy is a senior at Sage Creek High School and has been pursuing her love for math since her sixth grade math teacher, Mr. Anderson introduced her to the world of engineering. Suzy plans on combining her pasions of math and biology by pursuing a career in bio-medical engineering. She plans on innovating the field of medicine to help others better adapt to the evoloving world. Suzy is looking forward to another great year teaching others the wonders of mathematics and having a little fun on the side. 


Karen is the owner of the math tutoring center Mathnasium of North Carlsbad. Karen Lossing, Owner

Karen earned a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Penn State and spent ten years in the business community. After staying home with her kids, she earned her Texas teaching certification and went on to teach third and fifth grades and Special Ed for seven years. In addition, she served on the Response to Intervention team and was a district liaison for Math Curriculum and Instruction. Karen completed her Master's degree in 2010 and, prior to moving to San Diego, served three years on her elementary school's administration team incorporating and facilitating 21st Century learning standards. Her favorite part of Mathnasium's Method is how it sets kids up for long term success! The lessons help eliminate math misconceptions, brings understanding, and encourages outstanding mental structures in a subject that builds on itself. Karen looks forward to math making sense to all the kids who learn at Mathnasium of North Carlsbad.


Libby, Director of Operations

After four years on the educational side of Mathnasium centers, Libby recently graduated from UCLA and has joined onto our team as the Director of Operations. While she is no stranger to the instructional and motivating aspects of our center, Libby's focus is on community involvement. If you have any school events or sponsorship opportunities you would like Mathnasium of North Carlsbad to be involved in, Libby is your girl!