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Math Test-Taking Strategies to Boost Confidence

May 17, 2017

Math anxiety can easily undermine the hard work students have invested throughout the year, lowering their scores on standardized tests and jeopardizing their chances to take advanced classes or enroll in the schools of their choice.   But...

Summer Math Learning Keeps Students on Track for Success

May 8, 2017

Incorporating consistent, enjoyable, and meaningful opportunities for math learning into your family’s summer agenda could benefit your kids long after they bid summer break a fond farewell. The reason: summer learning loss (or the “summe...

For Math Success, a Can-Do Attitude Is Key

May 3, 2017

Parents, if there’s one golden nugget of math advice we can pass along to help you set your family up for math success, this Washington Post op-ed by Petra Bonfert-Taylor sums it up:  Stop telling kids you’re bad at math. You are spreadin...

How Big or Small Can You Go?

Apr 24, 2017

Parents, here’s a fun discussion point you can cover when mathing with your kids! Have you ever wondered how many grains of sand there are on the beach? If you tried to count them, would it be possible to ever get to the end? At the beach, w...

Finger Counting, Numerical Fluency, and Confidence

Apr 17, 2017

When very young children first learn how to count, they use their fingers as manipulatives (physical objects used to teach math concepts). However, many kids continue to rely on their fingers as their primary computation tools once they m...

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