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What’s scarier than ghosts on Halloween? Math Class!

Oct 6, 2018

As we celebrate the closing of September and the beginning of October, aka Spooktober, we transition into a phase where students start getting comfortable within their classrooms and become acquainted to a daily routine. Nevertheless, math continues being the nightmare that students think about when they go about their school day.

Educational studies have shown that of all students who receive an A-plus in math, most students are enrolled in some kids’ math program or learning center in the USA. If your student truly wants to succeed in mathematics, it is beneficial that they enroll at a math tutoring center.

Before we celebrate the festivities of Halloween, take your time during the month of October to enroll your kid at Mathnasium. Our math learning website will showcase all the benefits of enrolling in our program, and our results have shown that students who come out of our program do not only better in the classroom, but they also excel in their critical thinking and analytical skills.

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