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My child already excels in math.  Will Mathnasium address their needs?

Absolutely.  Since Mathnasium is customized to the needs of each individual student, we can help advanced students stay engaged and stimulated by introducing them to more challenging math topics.  More importantly, we can also help your child to develop even stronger numeric fluency and critical thinking skills, which are essential for continued success in math. 

Why do children struggle with math?

Have you ever watched a foreign movie without subtitles? It can be confusing and frustrating because you don't understand the language!  If your child is missing key math skills, this is exactly how they feel in math class!

In school, they treat kids the same because it is assumed that all kids learn the same way and at the same rate. The teachers are expected to cover vast amounts of material in a short period of time. If your child doesn't get a chance to master a skill for whatever reason – that's too bad. Teachers must move quickly to stay “on schedule". As a result, we see too many kids fall behind in math.

What happens next? The class moves on! Here come multiplication facts, fractions, percentages, decimals, mixed numbers, exponents, ratios, x=?, divisibility rules, algebra, geometry, equations. It never slows down so your child can catch up! They feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, and all alone! They begin to expect and accept failure as the "new normal" and think "I'm just not good in math!" They lose all confidence in themselves and all of their other grades begin to suffer. 

Is it any wonder why you have to fight with them to do their homework? With many kids, it is easier for them to fight you and not do the work than to put the effort into it only to see failure again. After a while, it just doesn't seem worth the effort for them.

How Is Mathnasium Different? 

The very first thing we do is give your child a skills assessment. We give them  both a written and oral assessment so that we can get a deep understanding of not only what they know, but how they think! 

 We sit down with them, put them at ease, and give them an assessment that  doesn't feel too easy or too hard. Most importantly, we find out HOW THEY  LEARN! Then we build their trust by giving them a few ideas and  strategies that they can use immediately. We then build a customized learning  plan that  targets skill gaps and quickly shows them success. In many cases  “success” in  math is something they have been craving!


Can Mathnasium Help My Child Become A Natural Mathematical Thinker?

It is commonly believed that people are born "a natural" to become great at math. But at Mathnasium, we believe that virtually any child can become great at math. For many kids, mastery in math is something that doesn't come easily, but they can be taught to think in the ways that the "naturals" do. When it comes to math, your child can feel empowered, self-confident, and special.

We teach our students to use efficient and reliable “schema”– organized ways of thinking – that are innate to the mathematically gifted among us. Mathnasium instructors deliver excellent instruction that is driven by our top-notch curriculum materials. These materials are carefully selected for students to encounter when the appropriate prerequisite knowledge is in place. Through this process, our students develop strong mental math and written computational skills, along with the reasoning ability to know which skills serve them best in any given situation. When you learn to think like a natural... you can become one!

Why is confidence in math important?

It's not just important: It's critical! Kids need to see that they can do the work so that they can feel confident! This fresh, new confidence will spill over to many other areas of your child's life. At this point you will start to see peace at home! You won't be having to fight with them to do homework. Not only will they have the confidence and the skills to attack it but they'll start bringing home better grades from school. How do we know this? Because we have seen it over and over again with hundreds of our students!

Do You Offer One-On-One Tutoring?

Our instructors utilize the teach and move on method, in which they work one on one with your child long enough to get them started and make sure they understand the concept that they are learning. Then the instructor steps back and lets your child work independently to give them the time to process this new information without the pressure and stress of being watched. It also prevents a "learned helplessness" where the student feels that they need the instructor sitting in front of them persistently in order to be successful. 

Our instructors quickly come back after a minute or two in order to make sure they are doing their work correctly and grasping the concepts.  We give them encouragement, and praise them for their efforts! If the student needs more help we simply teach the lesson again in a different way without judgment or ridicule until they "get it." This enables your child to become a "confident, independent learner." In certain special instances, we do offer one-on-one insturction if it clearly would benefit the student.

Do You Provide Homework Help?

We absolutely help with assigned homework. The assessment helps us know where the gaps are so we can help close them, making homework easier, not just for tonight, but overall going forward. In addition to filling in the gaps and helping students get ahead, we can help students with their homework during their session. 

Who Are Your Instructors?

Our instructors are brilliant, engaging, inspiring math experts dedicated to educating children. All our instructors at Mathnasium of Orland Park are REQUIRED to pass a rigorous math aptitude test that encompasses multiple grade levels. Additionally, every instrutor has been specially trained in the Mathnasium Method and receive ongoing training in math instruction. To ensure safety, each instructor must go through a background check before working with the students. Learn more about each of our caring instructors on our TEAM page.


Where are your child’s math skills?

Both you and your child can take our interactive quizzes to see how much you remember! What grade are they in?



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