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Our Center is Open in compliance with CDC & State guidelines. Sessions are scheduled to maintain the proper distance between students. Our online learning platform is now a permanent part of our program for those that require or prefer it.

Our Results

At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium

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From Grades 1 through Calculus, our expert instructors and strong program has yielded significant results. 

Multiple independent studies carried out by EyeCues Education Systems* since 2004 have found Mathnasium to improve student performance on standards-based tests in 20 sessions or fewer. 


In Their Own Words:


I first enrolled my children when my daughter, about to enter second grade at the time, began to express disdain for math and to believe that she was not suited for it. Keenly aware that girls deselect from math and science fields at a rapid pace, I was unwilling to accept my daughter choosing to divest herself from the many career paths that proficiency in math provides, especially at such a young age! I enrolled her in Mathnasium
because I believed that while she had strengths in some areas, she also had some gaps in her knowledge that they could help her to fill. I also wanted her to have positive female role models who were good at, and
enjoyed, math.

I am delighted to report that my daughter, without any prodding from me, has been placed in the advanced math group for her grade and, to my delight, now says that math is her favorite subject and believes it is
something she can do well. She may or may not eventually choose a career that uses math at a high level, but I feel confident that she can make an informed choice at a later time and not at age 8! Mary, Parent 



My daughter was having issues with math so I checked out a few places in town and decided to go with this center. The staff is friendly and helpful. Jackie, parent


Good morning Salma, Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much my grandson is enjoying math. All of us are shocked to say the least. I know he wasn’t too excited about the whole prospect, but, he already is building confidence in what he is learning and enjoying it. Thanks for the great program.

Patti, guardian


 They teach math in a fun and playful way. Sometimes my son whines when I pick him up- he wants to stay longer. Lita, Parent


The difference in her (daughter's) attitude and grades is like night and day. StacyParent


Her success in math is spilling into other subjects too. Tracy, Mother


I think Mathnasium is great. It is inspiring and when you go home you can tell you parents how fun Mathnasium was. I love it. It is so easy they show stuff that is so cool and it can be easier to learn about. Division, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Addition and you can find out stuff before your whole grade! I am in third grade. Marcus, Haylee, Andrew, Mrs Jennifer, and Mr. James are the tutors they are great at helping you learn alot easier and they are smart like mathematicians and they are great. By the end of the day you are a Mathematician!    

- Mary Claire P.  9 yrs old
I think Mathnasium is awesome. It's helped me do a lot better in math. It is a great learning experience. 
- Kierston C.  6th Grade
A great place to learn about mathmatics, is quiet and peaceful (way better than sylvan!) and awesome and patient instructors.
- Jed W. - 16 yrs old
Mathnasium is spectacular! I have learned more in just months here than I have any where else in two years. Not to mention the staff is always kind and helpful. I feel like I can have an intelligent conversation while I work. I feel engaged when I walk in the door.
- Patrick W. - 16 yrs old
I love mathnasium because it is so fun. I enjoy coming to mathnasium because I love learning about math.   
- Harlee R. - 2nd Grade
Mathnasium is very very fun. It helps me with my money and doubles. The teachers make me laugh and they make me understand math.Tthis place is the best!   
- Natalia - 3rd Grade
I think that Mathnasium is amazing. I love it here, and love the people. Ya'll make learning fun!!!   
- Anna S - 14 yrs old
I like Mathnasium because I'm understanding math a lot better.  
- Kylee W  - 13 yrs old
- Susie C. - 2nd Grade
Mathnasium is fun and I want to come more every week. I like it how when you walk through the door they say "Hey Sara!". It's welcoming. They don't make math scary. They make math understandable. Unlike in class they give you time to answer.  
- Sara G.  - 13 yrs old


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The Mathnasium Difference

So how is Mathnasium different?

Great Question! The very first thing we do is give your child a skills assessment. We give them both a written and oral assessment so that we can get a deep understanding of not only what they know, but how they think! We sit down with them, put them at ease, and give them an assessment that doesn't feel too easy or too hard. Most importantly, we find out HOW THEY LEARN! Then we build their trust by giving them a few ideas and strategies that they can use immediately. We then build a customized learning plan that targets skill gaps and quickly shows them success. In many cases “success” in math is something they have been craving!




“Do you specialize in math?”

Our focus on mathematics means better results.

They dilute their effectiveness by teaching multiple subjects.

“Do teachers lead the instruction?”

Qualified teachers customize and lead students through the program. We hire brilliant, engaging, inspiring math experts that work one on one with your child long enough to get them started and make sure they understand what to do.

They shift the burden of teaching to a computer program or a fixed series of drill-and-practice worksheets.

“Is your program schedule flexible?”

We recommend that students plan one or two visits a week. However, if they need additional help for an upcoming test or for a difficult homework assignment, we will provide students with the extra help.

They are not as flexible, limiting your child’s attendance to a rigid schedule, or making you pay more for additional visits.

“Do you use your own proprietary curriculum and materials?”

We’ve spent 40 years perfecting our proven and proprietary curriculum that is not available anywhere else.

They repurpose old curriculum or software that your child may have already seen in school.

“Do you test verbally, as well as in writing?”

A verbal as well as a written assessment allows us to form a three-dimensional picture of a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

They are not interested in learning how your child thinks through an open-ended verbal assessment.

“Do you customize instruction for each child?“

A customized program is assembled for each student that addresses their weaknesses and builds on their strengths. We keep theprogram robust so students are always current.

They have one instructional continuum – and expect your child to fit in.

“Do you use various media and methods to teach my child?”

We recognize that there are many learning styles (notably visual, auditory, written, and kinesthetic). We use a combination of guided practice, manipulatives, and math games to engage students at every level and endow them with a deep understanding and love of mathematics.

They either work only with worksheets or only on the computer.

“I want my child to receive excellent instruction—at a high value. Do you offer both?”

Because we specialize in math, we can offer the best math instruction available at more affordable rates.

They often charge higher rates with lesser results.

“Do you prepare students for standardized tests such as the SAT, and ACT as well as college placement exams and high school exit exams?”

And we do it the Mathnasium way through individualized instruction designed around a students’ strengths and weaknesses, giving them as much time as they need to master the concepts.

They teach in groups for a limited time regardless of a student’s needs.