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How to Practice Better Studying Techniques

Sep 10, 2020

It is the night before your big exam. You knew about this test the entire semester. While you are aware that it is difficult, you are sure you can study enough the week or even night before. Your study plan consists of loading up on energy drinks and plowing through your class PowerPoints all in one night. If this is your plan, you might want to reconsider. Here are some great study practices that can help you ace your test.

Create the Right Conditions

According to College Info Geek, having a quiet study setup is important to successfully learning. Using an area set apart from the rest of your home dedicated for study will help you focus. Using a desk or table instead is essential. This area should be free from distraction—including your cell phone.

You should avoid using technological devices or listening to distracting media like TV shows or loud music. While taking notes on your computer or device is useful, writing information down helps you take in more information than if you type notes on your computer. This will provide you a more in-depth learning experience.

Take It Bit by Bit

Cramming does not work nearly as well as gradual study over time. While you may remember some things from a quick cram the night before, repetition and bit-by-bit studying is the most effective method to study. Select one topic to cover, and go over its most important elements.

According to GED Testing Service, it’s usually a good idea to start with the least difficult test subject to build your confidence. This is a great practice when preparing for the ACT or other select GED testing service. Not only will it help you get the score you want, but you will internalize the text and be able to apply it to future classes—potentially your future career.

Make it Routine

Not only should you set a specific area for your study, you should also arrange for a certain time of day to hit the books. According to Insight, establishing structure in your study habits is beneficial to your memory, and can make you more committed to your academic life.

Our minds like consistency, and your effort to make regular study a priority will reflect in your test results. Try studying daily—you’ll be surprised how much you remember.

Different study methods work for different people. You should obviously try what works best for you. As far as general study habits, consistent, daily effort in an established study area will be the best way to ensure your study success. Now go get that perfect score!

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