How Will We Ever Use This?

Nov 9, 2022 | Location Papillion

We are at an interesting point in math education as we now see some of the impact the pandemic has had on students’ math and reading scores. As you know, it has been tough on kids and their learning. This naturally leads many of us to increase focus and effort on math skills to help kids realize their potential.

At the same time, learners ask a valid question when they wonder why they even need mathematical skills. Many math students understandably want answers regarding how they will ever use long division or the quadratic formula in real life. It can put a parent or teacher in a tough spot because many learners may NOT use those specific skills in their ongoing education or their careers.

“Math is about making connections and seeing patterns. The concrete and abstract thinking required by math builds the brain’s muscles, which in turn prepares you for other academic pursuits. The study of math is actually a springboard to increasing overall intelligence!”

The benefit of learning math is not necessarily to use a specific mathematical algorithm in the future, but to grow from the changes learning it makes in the brain. Study after study show us how mathematics practice trains the brain the same way working out trains the rest of the body. Math allows us to increase the mass of key parts of the brain and supplement its existing internal connections. The process of doing math helps us strengthen our skills in many areas and elevates overall brain health. These skills are crucial for your child’s future success and math is a gateway to their development. We can help your learner maximize that growth and have fun doing it!

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