Why Choosy Parents Keep Choosing Mathnasium of Park City.

Dec 14, 2022 | Location Park City

Today Mathnasium of Park City wants to introduce you to one of our proud parents, Eliza-Jane.

Q: How long has your child been enrolled?
2 months

Q: What part of Mathnasium Park City stood out to you on your first visit?
After learning that my daughter was struggling with Math, we decided that we wanted to investigate options for her to catch up. She was on the lower side of her grade average, and we wanted to give her the confidence to catch up and feel good about math. The warm welcoming and fun approach that the team had, made my daughter feel comfortable and she had a positive experience. We were relieved that she was excited to sign up.

Q: What do you tell other parents when they ask about Mathnasium?
We have had a positive experience. Our daughter is catching up and her confidence has grown so much. From when we first started going to where she is at now, the difference is noticeable. Her grades and results have improved, and her understanding of math has increased.

Q: What changes have you noticed in your child’s math education?
Our daughter has changed her attitude toward math. She was so reluctant and hard to help as her understanding of it was so low and fear so high. With her confidence increasing so has her eagerness to learn math. Her grades have improved, and she is no longer struggling like she was at the beginning of the year. We are so happy that we decided to sign Matilda up for Mathnasium, her growth and development has changed so much. The biggest change has also been her willingness to continue to learn and practice at home. We have turned a corner and we are so happy for her."

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