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International Sudoku Day

Sep 7, 2019

September 9th is International Sudoku Day, and we want to help you celebrate right with fun and challenging Sudoku activities! These puzzles are perfect for a family game night, for keeping busy in the car or waiting room, or for math tutoring...

fidgeting and focus

May 21, 2019

Have you seen all of these "fidget" devices that keep being introduced and found yourself wondering how effective they actually are?  The following article goes into more specific details on the science behind fidgeting and concentration. Here at ...

Numerical Fluency

May 4, 2019

The term “Numerical Fluency” or “Numeracy” for short is used throughout the math world.  Numerical Fluency is to math what Literacy is to reading and writing.  Number sense and mental math, two common terms used to describe the same thing, both en...

The Importance of Early Math Skill Foundations

Apr 19, 2019

Are your kids ready for success in Math? Are they having trouble keeping up or getting ahead in math? Mathnasium of Peoria is here to help and make sure they finish strong and have a strong foundation for school this fall. Call today to schedule y...

Open Now

May 22, 2018

Our learning center, located in Junction City in Peoria, focuses solely on math and operates on the core belief that virtually any child can excel in the subject. The Mathnasium Method™, implemented at more than 900 Mathnasium centers in the U.S. ...

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