Our staff is built to teach each student individually, to develop the skills they need to thrive in mathematics, and to foster a love of learning.


Jonathan graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from San Diego State University. While he tutors here at Mathnasium, he is also working towards a career in software development in the financial sector. He loves to tutor students since he loves to teach and talk about mathematics. In his spare time, he enjoys recording and composing music. He hopes to inspire students to shoot for the stars and to not be afriad of aiming high. Moreover, Jonathan wants to help instill confidence in students' ability to problem solve.


Robert is a San Diego State University alumnus with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. He began tutoring middle school students in mathematics and robotics back when he was in high school. Robert tailors his explanations of math concepts around the interests and hobbies of his students so that the ideas are easier for them to visualize and reflect on. In his spare time, Robert studies the history and culture of the Kumeyaay, an indigenous people of San Diego. He has studied the mathematics used by the Kumeyaay as well, did you know that the Kumeyaay originally used a base-five numeral system?


Alex is a UC Berkeley graduate (class of ‘18) with a BA in philosophy. He is currently working on his teaching credential to teach math at either the middle school or high school level. He enjoys breaking complex things down, explaining them to people, and learning them better himself. In his free time Alex enjoys reading, going on walks, seeing friends, and watching Netflix. He also does some singing at his church and is trying (with limited success…) to learn some piano.


Fazal has an extensive STEM background and knows how crucial math is in the engineering, computer science and finance fields. In his home country of Afghanistan, Fazal studied engineering. He applied these skills working at several NGOs focused on supporting Afghan refugees. In San Diego, he continued his education in the study of computer science. Not only does Fazal love supporting students in math, but he enjoys the friendly staff and students at Mathnasium of Point Loma.


Nil is a senior at Point Loma High School, wishing to further her education at university. Though her liking of math has played an integral part in her position as an instructor, she mostly enjoys the privilege of being able to work with young students. It especially is rewarding when she is able to bear witness to live “a-ha” moments materializing. It is captivating to experience a student's elation with regards to the accumulation of their “cards” based on a job well done. When she is not woefully contemplating her classes, Nil loves playing piano and spending time with her friends and family.


Ally is a junior at Point Loma High School and is on a mission to help kids understand math. Math is something she's always liked and plans to build her career on it. She loves to work with the younger kids as her many young family members have given her lots of practice on how to best teach this age group. Ally finds it very rewarding to help kids who previously struggled, understand math in a new and different way. She currently is on the Point Loma varsity tennis team and hopes to continue playing for fun when she graduates. When not at the center or at school, she loves to hang out with friends and family.


Kris graduated from San Diego State University with a Master's degree in Physics. While pursuing his degree there, he taught some of the lower-division physics labs and helped out in the university's math tutoring center. Outside of the Mathnasium, you can usually find Kris rock climbing, on his bike, with his camera, or with friends. Kris' favorite part of teaching math is making the subject a little less scary to those who struggle with it, because for a long time, Kris struggled with it too.


Natalia graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Literature and a minor in Education Studies. Her love of math and other STEM related subjects comes from her time studying computer science and her desire to teach math at the high school level. One of her biggest motivations as a tutor here at Mathnasium is to break the notion that only certain students can be "math kids," hoping that she can inspire everyone to give math a chance and find their own sense of accomplishment in problem-solving. In her spare time, Natalia likes to spend time with her friends, go swimming at the beach, and practice solving different variations of the standard Rubik's Cube.


Romina is currently pursuing her degree in Bioengineering and is also partaking in research studies focusing on Predicting the outcome of Spine Surgeries using Image Processing Machine Learning at UCSD. Romina is an astute student who is selfless even with her demanding schedule. She has provided other students with her help in tutoring in advanced mathematics, computer programming, physics, and biology since 2017.


Allie is currently a student athlete at the University of San Diego studying biochemistry. She has a love for science, math and seeing kids grow. Outside of Mathnasium, Allie loves to run, hangout with friends, hike and spend time on the beach. Throughout highschool, Allie spent her summers coaching kids of all ages in different sports. Allie hopes to bring joy to learning and make math fun!

Our Mathnasium Mission

Teach children math so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

What I love about Mathnasium is the ability to teach problem-solving skills and make math make sense, while also making a student smile.
Amber W., Mathnasium Instructor
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