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Problem of the Week October 1st

Oct 5, 2018

Lower Elementary:

Question: The tippy top of a tree is 50 feet from the ground. A squirrel climbs 28 feet up the trunk from the ground. Is the squirrel more or less than halfway up the tree?


Upper Elementary:

Question: A robin builds its nest out of 1/8 of a pound of grass, 1/8 of a pound of twigs, and 1/8 of a pound of mud. The robin weighs 3/16 of a pound. Its clutch of 4 eggs weighs an ounce. How many ounces does the nest weigh with all of its occupants inside?


Middle School:

Question: A chipmunk has enough space in its cheeks to store 36 beechnuts, 18 almonds, or 9 walnuts. If the chipmunk fills its cheeks with enough nuts so that each type of nut takes up the same amount of space, then how many nuts does the chipmunk have in total?