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Math Nights at your local Elementary School:

We’d love to offer my assistance hosting a fun and engaging Math Night at your school.  Mathnasium has been piloting Math Nights in schools across the country and, after testing and refining the best overall program, we are ready to roll out these great events to all schools at the local level including yours. 

The initiative began through a partnership with the National PTA but has caught on with all types of parent leader organizations across the country.  You can see a video featuring one of Mathnasium’s pilot events here //

Math Nights are turn-key 2-hour events featuring engaging games developed by Mathnasium to involve families and increase interest in STEM subjects through an enjoyable and shared math experience.  Our goal is to get to know local families and show them that math can be fun.

We’d love to find out if there is a date that would work best for your school and to give you more details about these exciting events. Please get in touch with us for more information and scheduling an event at your school.

Mathnasium of Powel: | (740)236-9100 

Mathnasium of Lewis Center: | (740)236-9191

Past Events:

Open House & Free Game Time

Friday, December 8 at 5 PM - 8 PM

Please join us to celebrate the Mathlete Appreciation Day at Mathnasium of Powell, meet the staff, check the fun learning environment, and learn about the Mathnasium Method™. Everyone is Welcome!

Glitter Tattoos | Balloon Twisting | Henna | Games | Food | Prizes

We will be setting up plenty of math game stations for kids to explore various math topics and win prizes. 

Also, our all-time favorite game "Math Mania Buzzer Round" will be featured at the open house where students and parents can duel each other.

Math Nights at your local Elementary School

Date: Nov 02, 2017   (Start Time: 6:30 PM  /  End Time: 8:00 PM) 

Math Night at Tyler Run Elementary School
Presented by Mathnasium
Thursday, November 2nd, 6:30-8

Tyler Run Commons

Parents and TRES students, come see how math can be fun! Open for all ages PreK-5th. The family-fun evening will have multiple stations challenging your brain in fun ways through games and activities. Parents and kids will even get to battle each other in a math-off!! Plus door prizes including an Android tablet and Parent Date Night Passes for Mathnasium!

Date: Jan 18, 2018   (Start Time: 5:30 PM  /  End Time: 7:30 PM) 

Math Night at Arrow Head Elementary  School
Presented by Mathnasium
Thursday, January 18th, 5:30-7:30

Date: Jan 25, 2018   (Start Time: 5:30 PM  /  End Time: 7:30 PM) 

Math Night at Scioto Ridge Elementary School
Presented by Scioto Ridge PTO & Mathnasium
Thursday, January 25th, 5:30-7:30


Date: Feb 01, 2018   (Start Time: 6:00 PM  /  End Time: 8:00 PM) 

Math Night at Alum Creek Elementary School
Presented by Mathnasium
Thursday, January 25th, 6:00-8:00


Pi-Day Party (Wed, March 14th 4 pm- 8 pm)

You are Invited to Our Pi Day Party!
Which number is so special that it’s celebrated on 3/14 in more than 100 countries? It’s 3.14… pi, of course! — Come celebrate this V.I.N. (very important number) with us! We’ll share circle-themed food and do fun, pi-themed activities. Bring your friends, because Pi Day is the time to celebrate math for math’s sake!

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