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Problem of the Week October 23rd

Oct 23, 2017

Lower Elementary:

Question: Jack is sitting in a swivel chair facing north. He spins a half turn clockwise, then a quarter turn counterclockwise, then a full turn clockwise, and finally a three-quarter turn counterclockwise. In which direction is Jack facing now?




Upper Elementary:

Question: Grace is buying a new charger for her phone and wants to know which one has the longer cord: a black charger with a 70-inch cord or a white charger with a 180-centimeter cord. An inch is 2.54 centimeters. Which cord is longer? By how much? Give your answer in centimeters.



Middle School:

Question: The number of ants in Karen’s ant farm doubles every day. On Sunday, there are 12,288 ants in the farm. When was the last day when there were fewer than 1,000 ants?