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Problem of the Week October 15

Oct 13, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Cecil has had his cat since July 2012. What anniversary did Cecil celebrate this year?   Upper Elementary: Question: Dana visits the dog park every 3 days. Carlos visits the dog park every 4 days. If both Da...

Parent Teacher Conference like a Pro!

Oct 4, 2018

  Parent Teacher conference season is upon us. This is a wonderful opportunity to see if the year is off to a strong start or if attention needs to be redirected. Having a one-on-one visit with your student's teacher allows improvement to...

Fortnite Tutor vs Math Tutor: An Epic Battle

Sep 28, 2018

When you want your kid to master something, you find an expert. If you want them to have an amazing backhand, you work with a tennis pro. Would you believe there are even Fortnite tutors? Yes! USA Today and The Wall Street Journal each had an arti...

Problem of the Week September 3rd

Sep 3, 2018

Here is this week’s Problem of the Week for our awesome mathletes!     Make sure you revisit this page to get a new problem every week and to improve your problem solving skills for math.     Lower Elementary: Question: A bake...

Problem of the Week: July 30

Jul 30, 2018

Lower Elementary: Question: Dorothy is riding her bicycle from a fortune teller’s caravan to her house. She can ride 8 miles in a whole hour. If it takes Dorothy half an hour to get home, then how far is it from the fortune teller’s caravan to ...

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