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News from Mathnasium of Lakewood

Redesigned PSAT and SAT

Sep 8, 2015

The new PSAT will be given in October 2015 and the new SAT will be given in March of 2016. This year’s grade 12 students will be the only ones taking the old format of the SAT.

The new PSAT and SAT are very different from the old style. There is no longer a penalty for guessing, so students can take a chance and fill in a blank even if they do not know how to a problem. This eliminates a lot of pressure on strategizing: “Should I, or shouldn’t I try this problem?

There are two sections. One is 30 minutes long and does not permit a calculator. The other is 60 minutes long and does permit a calculator.

There is much more higher level math in the new SAT, which covers very little Geometry, and focuses mostly on equations from Algebra 1 and 2, including linear equations, linear systems, equations with radicals and absolute value equations

There topics in statistics, with reading of graphs, histograms and lines of best fit.

Students will have to read very carefully, as the questions are not straightforward.

It is now much more similar to the ACT, as it is a college readiness achievement test rather than a college aptitude test.

Mathnasium offers both SAT and ACT test prep for the math portion of the test. The College Board (SAT) has partnered with Khan Academy to offer free SAT prep in a You Tube format.