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Contact us about our programs. We offer both in-center and @Home options!

News from Mathnasium of Red Mill


Mar 28, 2020

Welcome to Mathnasium of Red Mill @Home

Our same exceptional in-center experience now in the comfort of your own home!

Live, instructor-led, web-based interactive lessons.

Screen sharing capabilities to assist with instruction as well as online assignments.


Thank you for the opportunity to teach your child! Prior to your child's first lesson, they will need to create an acount to login to their @home sessions. You will also find details related to scheduling their sessions and logging into sessions.
Please note that the link to create your account and the link to login for your student's sessions are two separate links.

Creating your ConexED Account:

1. Go to and choose Guest Registration



We ask that you don't use the login with Gmail option as it may auto-populate the username with the name tied to the account. 

Also, we ask that you do not use your child's VBSchools email account.  





2. Fill out the registration form with your student's name (first and last), an email, and a password.

  • If you're signing up more than one student, you will need each student account to have a different email address. 

3. You will receive an email with the subject line: Welcome to your ConexED Account. Please be sure to check your junk folder if you do not see this email in your inbox. 

4. The email will include a link that you can click to verify your account. That link is good for 24 hours.











5. After verifying your account you will be able to login and change your password and preferences anytime.

Scheduling Your @Home Sessions

To schedule your lessons, we have included a scheduling tool. Here's a link to the page:

Your login is your email address and temporary password is Math1248.  You will use the "reset password" link via email to change the temporary password and starting scheduling lessons.  Please contact us if you did not receive this email.

1. Select your program:

  • Lower Math - a student in math class below Algebra 1 - 60 minute session

  • Higher Math - a student in a math class Algebra 1 or higher - 90 minute session

2. Select the date you wish your student to attend.


Connecting to ConexED for a student session:

The Red Mill @Home Classroom link is below.  You will use this link for each session. We recommend bookmarking this link for subsequent sessions.

Your student's login information will be their first and last name with no space in between. There will be no capitalization. You can also use your email address to login. The password will be the password you set.

Once your student has signed in, they will enter into the "lobby". An Instructor will move them to their Breakout Room. Once there, on the upper left hand side of the screen, the student will see the appropriate buttons to share their microphone and webcam. 

During the first session, the Instructor will walk the student through the use of the toolbar, etc.

Below you will find additional helpful information to maximize their @Home experience with us.

Tips for a Successful Experience 

Internet Browser

You must use either Google Chrome or Firefox to use our online classroom. Google Chrome is preferred.


Internet Connection

Ensure your computer has a solid internet connection. If your computer can be plugged directly into your home’s modem, that will provide the most reliable experience. However, a room with a solid wi-fi connection generally will be sufficient. Trying to connect from a coffee shop or other public wi-fi will negatively impact the experience. A good rule of thumb is to check if you can stream videos (Youtube, Disney+, Netflix, etc.) from that location without lag. If you can stream without any issue, you’re probably fine for @Home!


Your Student’s Set-Up

If possible, students should use headphones with a microphone. This will limit “echoing” and ensure the instructor can properly hear the student and vice-versa. The student should be in a quiet area free from background distractions and noise. If headphones with a microphone are not available, earbuds or other headphones make an adequate substitute. If your student is on a laptop or chromebook, they would find it easier to have a separate mouse or Wacom board.


Homework Help

If your student needs homework assistance, please ensure their homework has been emailed to us at least 12 hours before your scheduled session. Please contact the center if you have any questions about the homework process.



When in doubt, refresh! You won't lose any progress if you refresh the page, and often that is the fastest way to fix any problems with audio/video, zoom issues, etc.


Scheduling in Advance

@Home sessions must be scheduled in advance. Your session must be scheduled at least 7 hours prior to the desired start time.  Sessions are based on a “first come, first served” availability.


Running Late

If a student is late logging in, their session end time cannot be changed or extended. Please start the login process a few minutes early to allow time for computer updates or unexpected errors.


Backseat Teaching

Please do not provide additional instruction or give students answers during their session. This may cause confusion for a student and impact their understanding of the material.


Where to Direct Questions


Just like in the center, the Instructor working with your student will be working with others as well. To ensure the highest level of instruction for all Mathletes, please contact us (preferably by email or text) with any questions or to convey any other information you deem necessary.