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How Does Mathnasium Address STEM?

Mar 19, 2019



What is STEM?

It is simply an acronym for Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics.


Why is STEM important?

STEM careers in the US are growing twice as fast as other professions. They also make up over 90% of the best paying jobs straight out of college. This exponential growth has created a situation in which the demand for qualified STEM professionals is high, but the supply of STEM workers to fill the positions is low, especially among women. This is driving companies to look overseas for qualified employees. Parents and families have a very important role to play in closing the STEM gap, since they are the influencers of the student’s perception of what is possible for their future. While there are many disciplines of study in the STEM fields – they are all formed on a strong foundation of Math!


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How does Mathnasium address STEM?

All STEM fields are rooted in Math, and Mathnasium is the best when it comes to teaching children Math! We are the official partner of the National PTA for the “M” in STEM. We are the only partner they’ve chosen to work with in Math because of our Mission, Focus, Methods, and Philosophy that all kids can learn Math.


To see how Mathnasium can help your student master the M in STEM, call Mathnasium of Red Mill at (757) 828-1742, or self-schedule your student’s no-risk assessment through the button below!



Does Mathnasium have any STEM programs besides Math?

No, we specialize in Math. While technology, coding, robotics, and engineering sound fun and exciting (and they are), they all have one thing in common – they are all formed on a strong foundation of Math. Students with a strong grasp of Math perform and advance more quickly than students with weaker Math skills. Whether your child is advanced in Math, at grade level, or behind, we are going to design a learning plan that allows them to excel! Trying to be great in a STEM field without strong Math skills is like having a great looking powerboat without an engine – you’re just not going to maximize your potential.


If kids enjoy going to Mathnasium, the program must not be for advanced students. Aren’t high level Math learning centers supposed to be rigorous to push students ahead?//

Just because some learning centers drill and kill to the point that kids hate them and Math, it doesn’t mean that it’s an effective way for students to learn. Handing a student a “grade level” workbook and leaving them to be self guided without proper coaching is also a terrible way for students to become advanced in Math. Mathnasium takes a more surgical approach by administering a Math skills assessment to find out what the child already knows and making that the baseline. Next we develop a Learning Plan that is specific to each student so that each visit is to work on skills with a “personal trainer”. Our Instructors are great at Math and trained to teach it in a way that may be different for each student.


To see how Mathnasium can help your student master the M in STEM, call Mathnasium of Red Mill at (757) 828-1742, or self-schedule your student’s no-risk assessment through the button below!



What are some STEM College Majors?

STEM graduates work in a wide variety of fields including:

What other fields? - Physics, Actuarial sciencechemistrybiologyMathematics,  Applied Mathematicscomputer sciencecomputational science,  psychology,  biochemistryroboticscomputer engineering,  electronicsmechanical engineeringindustrial engineeringinformation scienceinformation technologyaerospace engineeringchemical engineeringastrophysicsastronomyopticsnanotechnologynuclear physicsMathematical biologyoperations researchneurobiologybiomechanicsbioinformaticsacoustical engineeringgeographic information systemsatmospheric scienceseducational/instructional technologysoftware engineering, and educational research.