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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

OwnerKiran Shah, Center Director

Kiran has had a passion for math for as long as she can remember. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Washington with Cum Laude. She is a board member and Treasurer for AlSadaqa since 2012, a not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to the underprivileged in the Puget Sound Area. Having taught math in the resource center at Wilder Elementary School in Lake Washington School District, she strongly believes that math can be accessible to all students if presented in an effective format that engages the student at their level. After discovering Mathnasium, Kiran realized she could make a bigger difference with the Mathnasium program than she could while working in public schools.

Kiran has two daughters and lives with her husband, Shaharyar, who works for Amazon.  She has also coached her daughters’ soccer team through Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association. Along with her passion for helping kids develop their potential, she has a strong passion for cake decorating and traveling.


Annabelle, Assistant Center Director

Annabelle has a passion for helping kids and making an impact in their lives. Mathnasium is providing the perfect place for her to do that. She is currently going to college and working towards a nursing degree. She also loves and cares for animals. 


Iman, Assistant Center Director

Iman has worked in the educational field for over four years. She started as a volunteer to teach kids who needed learning support. Later she worked as an HR generalist to recruit the best teachers in the field for the local schools. She enjoyed the process and satisfaction of hiring the best educators and helping them with their professional development. Iman is currently pursuing her HRM certificate from the University of Washington.


Chloe, Assistant Center Director

Chloe has a passion for helping others and positively impacting their lives. She loves seeing children learn and become confident in their abilities and is thrilled to see that happening every day at Mathnasium. She is going to college to earn her medical assistant certification so that she can continue helping people for the rest of her life.


Joy, Lead Instructor

Joy has spent over 8 years tutoring Chemistry, Biology, and Genetics. She has a BS degree in Biochemistry and a Master's in Education from Seattle Pacific University. Joy also has three years of experience as a paraeducator in the Lake Washington School District.

Joy likes helping students overcome their personal hurdles in math. She enjoys introducing students to the fun side of problem-solving and showing them that working on complex problems can be absorbing and rewarding.

In addition to her work at Mathnasium, Joy is a volunteer forest steward working with the Green Kirkland Partnership.

Tony, Instructor

Tony has been teaching and tutoring for over 30 years. Over most of that time, he has taught Mathematics but has also taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health, History, Economics, English, Ethics, PE and more recently yoga. He has taught students from every grade.

Tony enjoys seeing in his students the spark of understanding and a connection to a larger way of seeing things. He loves learning and hopes to instill curiosity in his students.

Tony has a BS degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Education. He has taken graduate-level courses in Mathematics, Education, Business, Information Systems, and Psychology. Tony has previously worked as a paralegal.

Beth, Instructor

Beth has been teaching math for ten years in the Bellevue, Renton, Mercer Island, and Lake Washington School District. She has taught everything from 7th-grade math up through Calculus. Beth is currently working as a paraeducator in the Bellevue School District.

Beth holds a BS degree in Mathematics from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado; and a Master's in Education from Seattle Pacific University. Beth enjoys computer games and card games with friends in her spare time. 


Pramod, Instructor

Pramod has a Bachelor’s degree(s) in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Electrical Engineering. He has his Masters & Ph.D. in Signal Processing with advanced courses in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU, Kanpur & Delhi), India. He has been Counsellor of Education in Government of India.

He moved to the US from India in 2012 and worked as scientist & Engineering Fellow for Fuel Cell development at NPS, Bothell, WA. He has been teaching Mathematics from last five years to students from 7th grade - high school & to engineering students in the Redmond area. He has two daughters both working in Redmond, one as Doctor(dentist) and other in Microsoft.

Laura, Instructor   

Laura has earned her Master's in Applied Mathematics from UC Santa Barabara, after completing her undergraduate math degree at the University of Washington. She has tutored for over 12 years and loved spending the last two years as a teaching assistant at her university. Outside of all things math, she enjoys watching and playing sports. She is a big Seattle sports fan.  


Jason, Instructor   

Jason is currently pursuing his Computer Science degree at Digipen Institute of Technology. He has tutored friends and other students throughout his high school and college years. He loves to see kids light up, as they discover that math is something that they understand and know how to apply. At Mathnasium, he hopes to help broaden the understanding of mathematics to students and help them enjoy the rewarding experience of exploring new concepts.

Karen, Instructor

Karen is a running start student with a passion for math. Her hobbies include playing the violin, reading and listening to music. She enjoys being around children and helping them learn and excel. She is currently pursuing a degree in science and aiming to become an engineer.


Lavanya, Instructor 

Lavanya holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. She is extremely passionate about math and loves working with kids, helping them understand and enjoy math. She has multiple years of past experience in tutoring math, both as a school subject as well as math competitions.


Nyia, Instructor 

Nyia is a Running Start student earning her degree in Electrical Engineering from Bellevue College. She was involved in tutoring math in middle and high school and is continuing her passion for this working as a math instructor at Mathnasium. She loves science and math, and how they are closely interwoven together. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing volleyball.


Sharmila, Instructor 

Sharmila has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering. She has worked as a developer in software companies for over 4 years. She had been teaching math to the neighborhood kids, which piqued her interest and she decided to pursue teaching as a career. She thoroughly enjoys the Mathnasium method of teaching and interacting with kids.


Swaleha, Instructor 

Swaleha loves teaching math because of how universal the language of mathematics is. She has been tutoring for over three years. She is currently working towards a Computer Science degree. Besides math, she enjoys working in media and design projects.


Saritha, Instructor 

Saritha completed her Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering degree with a concentration in Applied Mathematics. During graduate school, she developed a strong passion for teaching math and worked as a Teaching Assistant teaching Engineering math. In the past, Saritha has worked at a Power Generation Corporation overseeing operations of a thermal power plant.


Surbhi, Instructor 

Math has always been Subhi's favorite subject, and she has been part of the competitive math teams in her schools since fifth grade. She loves seeing kids understand new topics and connect them to their previous knowledge. Surbhi is also a volunteer tutor for underprivileged students in Seattle and helped start the service club at her school.


Alexandra, Instructor 

Alex is a junior in school and has tutored different subjects since her freshmen year. She loves math and it's applications. She plans to one day build a career in a STEM-focused field. Outside of math, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing music.


Supriya, Instructor 

Supriya is an eternal student of mathematics and is passionate about nurturing young minds. Mathnasium has been a culmination of both her wishes. Outside of math, she enjoys designing and coding algorithms, experimenting with cooking and listening to motivational talks.


Caleb, Instructor 

Caleb is a senior at Seattle Preparatory School. He is a keen math student and is taking advanced level math, compared to his peers. Previously, he has tutored many kids at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club. He enjoyed the experience of sharing his knowledge with others so much, that he had to do more of it, which brought him to Mathnasium. Caleb is headed to Vanderbilt University next year to pursue his degree in Economics and Mathematics.


Cameron, Instructor 

Cameron is currently an undergrad at the University of Washington working towards his bioengineering degree. He has years of experience tutoring math and other subjects at the high school level. He is excited to be able to help many students at Mathnasium. In his free time, he likes to play basketball and go hiking.


Sam, Instructor  

Sam is a junior in school and loves all things STEM. He has been using this passion to tutor students in math and physics. His hope is to see other students share in his passion for stem subjects and succeed in their classes. In his free time, Sam enjoys playing video games and spending time with his pets.

Tyler, Instructor 

Tyler recently graduated from the University of Washington, Bothell, with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. During his time at college, he taught a course on videogame design and this piqued his interest in teaching. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and origami.


Nikita, Instructor 

Nikita has always been fascinated with math and loves sharing her knowledge. Math has always offered her an opportunity to find new methods of problem-solving. She has a Masters degree in Mathematics from SP Pune University and has taught undergraduate level math courses for two years. She enjoys helping students and being around them whenever they need help. Outside of work. She loves traveling and reading books.

Pranav, Instructor 

Pranav has a strong aptitude for math. Besides teaching at Mathnasium, he also volunteers as a math coach for a middle school math club. He has taken part in various math competitions throughout the years. Besides math, he enjoys skiing and plays the cello.


Pravir, Instructor 

Pravir is passionate about everything math, physics, and robotics. He is the leader of the robotics team in his school. He previously tutored others in his school. Outside of school, he enjoys playing drums and tinkering with various electronic contraptions.


Ivy, Instructor 

Ivy has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's degree in Computer Science. She is very passionate about helping kids succeed and hopes to inspire the love of math in kids at Mathnasium. She has previously worked in the IT industry. Besides teaching, she enjoys cooking, listening to music and spending time with her family.

Sara, Instructor 

Sara is a former student of Mathnasium of Redmond. She has always had a love for math and found Mathnasium a place where she was able to enhance this as a student and decided to come back and become an instructor and share this with others. She is also a volunteer instructor for elementary school kids for the last five years and loves interacting with kids of all ages.

Courtney, Instructor 

Courtney has experience tutoring students in a wide range of math courses. She loves watching the lightbulb go off in their head when they figure out how to correctly and efficiently solve a problem. In her free time, she enjoys watersports, hiking, soccer and road trips with friends.


Zayna, Instructor 

Zayna enjoys helping others understand math concepts. Math has always been amongst her favorite subjects. She loves to see the sense of pride on a student's face once they have found the correct answer. She is currently exploring different career paths, and of the choices she has narrowed them down to, strong math knowledge is a common factor amongst them all.