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Only online instruction is available at this time with Mathnasium @home.

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorAndre Bertrand, Co-Owner and Center Director 

Andre is co-owner of Mathnasium of Rockridge and also owner and Center Director at Mathnasium of Albany-Berkeley. Prior to opening his centers, Andre was a Senior VP at iHeartRadio in New York City.  With an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University, he has worked for more than 25 years as an engineer in telecommunications and multimedia.  Over the years, he has done extensive coaching, teaching, and trouble-shooting.  Originally from Canada, Andre has lived in Germany, Panama, New York, and Texas. Since moving to the Bay area a few years ago with his wife, a Cal Professor, and their two school-age children, Andre has become an active parent in the community. Realizing the need for more individualized attention and targeted learning in math, Andre decided to bring Mathnasium to the Albany-Berkeley area.  He is committed to sharing his enthusiasm for math and to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community.

Christopher Wood, Co-Owner and Center Director 

Chris is co-owner of Mathnasium of Rockridge and also Owner and Center Director at Mathnasium of Alameda. Prior to opening his Mathnasium center, Chris was the Assistant Controller, Director for IACP Publishing (,, in Oakland.  With a Bachelors of Science in Finance from San Diego State University, he has worked for more than 14 years as an accountant for various private and public companies including four years as an auditor with KPMG in San Francisco. During this time, he has done extensive coaching, teaching, and problem solving.  Married and father of two boys, Chris also enjoys swimming and plays water polo for a team in the East Bay.



Ethan Smoller, Assistant Center Director

Ethan is a Bay Area math enthusiast, sometimes-digital-artist, and staunch advocate for intuitive early math education. A self-professed lifelong learner, Ethan enjoys working with students of all levels, not only for the opportunity to guide them to a new understanding of mathematical concepts, but for the creative new insights they introduce to him. Coming from an arts background, Ethan is fascinated by math's cultural history, its connection to art and music, and its application to the social sciences, and tries to bring these connections to light for students who might not know about them.

Ed Berne, Instructor

Ed has a Master of Business Administration degree from Columbia University. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan he minored in Math. He has a long-term interest in math education, having tutored students at all levels from elementary school to college. Ed ran a small business in Michigan for over 25 years. After retiring he moved to the Bay Area in 2011. His interests include reading, computer strategy game coding and travel.

Sophia Zalewski, Instructor

Sophia Zalewski is a Senior at Piedmont High School who loves math, computer science, her dog Jasper, and running. She is currently self-studying Multivariable Differential Calculus at John's Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and hopes to combine her loves of math and computer science in a joint college major once she leaves PHS. Sophia has also been in private math turoing since 2016 and loves helping others become as excited about math as she is! Outside of academics, she is the President of Zenith Robotics, captain of her school's Varsity XC and Track teams, State competitor, and league champion.

Brad Armstrong, Instructor

Brad graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in mechanical engineering in 2012. Since graduating, he has worked as a math tutor and substitute teacher. Recently, Brad has completed a teaching credential program at SF State, and is currently tutoring while looking to teach math at the high school level. Brad loves helping others solve problems, and got into tutoring and teaching in general thanks to that. He spends his free time playing games and working on side projects.

Naomi Binger, Instructor

Naomi Binger is a Senior at Piedmont High School who is passionate about math and plans to pursue STEM further in college. She loves teaching and hopes to share her enthusiasm for learning with her students. Naomi has worked as a teacher’s assistant and often helps her classmates understand new concepts or work through problems. Outside of academics, she enjoys reading and painting and is on her school’s Mock Trial team.

Elizabeth Korn, Instructor

Elizabeth is a senior at Piedmont High School who loves math and baking and can’t wait to take calculus and expand her understanding in mathematics. She loves tutoring kids in math and a variety of other subjects because she loves to see them make progress and understand the ideas and concepts.

Caiden McDonough, Instructor

Caiden is currently high school Junior at Oakland Technical High School who is planning to pursue Aerospace Engineering or other STEM related careers after college. Math has always intrigued him the most in school, and is by far his favorite subject. He’s always enjoyed helping out and tutoring 1 on 1, as it is fun to share that feeling of curiosity and interest through tutoring.  In his free time he enjoys playing sports, especially soccer, as well as video games.

Paul Nicknish, Instructor

Paul Nicknish is a Sophomore at UC Berkeley and is currently studying math. He has always been fascinated by math and is excited to continue his studies in the discipline at Cal. He is a passionate learner, and he loves to share his love of learning and math with other students. Outside of school, Paul enjoys spending time in the mountains skiing and hiking. He also plays bass in the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and is a member of the Cal Table Tennis Club.

Parsa Bazargani, Instructor

Parsa is currently a Junior at Piedmont High School who is planning to pursue STEM related majors in college. Math has always been his favorite subject, and he loves to help out with the youth. He loves to combine what he does and is often involved with youth sports. Outside of academics, he plays basketball and tennis for his school, and also plays the violin.

Luke Mendelman-Haenn, Instructor

Luke recently graduated in mathematics and computer science at UC Berkeley. After moving from Austin, Texas to Berkeley in 2014, he has tutored math to students at multiple Berkeley middle schools. Aside from math, he enjoys a long bike ride and a game of pickup soccer. With a strong math background and love of teaching young scholars, he hopes to share his passion of mathematics as an instructor at Mathnasium!

Marissa Del Rosario, Instructor

Marissa has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of South Florida. Shortly after her graduation in 2017, she moved to California and began her career in teaching as a substitute teacher for various middle and high schools around the bay area. Marissa has a passion for math and loves seeing youth learn. Her aspiration is to earn her Masters in Public Health and become college professor to teach public health courses. When she has free time, she loves being in the sun, playing video games, laughing with friends, and seeking out new adventures.

Junwei Liao, Instructor

Junwei graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 with a B.A. in mathematics, and is planning to obtain M.S. in mathematics from Cal State East Bay. During his time in college, he often discussed challenging math homework problems with classmates. He also privately tutored high school students for their SAT and ACT math subject tests. He is passionate about tutoring because he likes to share his knowledge with his students. He feels accomplished as a tutor when he helps students understand difficult problems.

Laura O'Brien, Lead Instructor 

Laura began a mechanical and aerospace engineering degree at the University of Florida, before switching her focus to physics and mathematics. She is currently completing a bachelor's degree in physics in California. She loved math from an early age, and she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in STEM. She has spent over a decade working and volunteering as an independent tutor, mostly in math and science. In addition to her job at Mathnasium, she works as a freelance writer for an ocean conservation page, which publishes articles about new developments in our oceans. She has also spent time on many STEM oriented extracurricular projects... for fun. In her free time, she likes to rock climb, hike, camp, and draw.

Emilia Sens, Instructor

Emilia graduated from George Town University with a degree in Government, since then she has been tutoring students one on one and in group settings. She has recently received her teaching credential in Mathematics, and in the following year she will be teaching math to high school aged students. Emilia has always had a passion for teaching and working with students to help them grow as individuals. In her free time she likes to read and play soccer.




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