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Our Center is open online, also in-person, in compliance with CDC & State guidelines. We are encouraging the online learning platform. It is a permanent part of our program.


 Enjoy our Summer program in-person or online !

Now Enrolling for SUMMER PROOGRAMS! Enroll by Jun 15 and save $25 on Summer unlimited.

 We have 3 Summer offerings -  Please submit the form, so we can call you with details of pricing & suggest you the best option.

  1. Summer Unlimited - 3 months Attendance with no commitment (May 23-Aug 23) - Comprehensively address past year issues, build solid foundation for next year Success
  2. Summer 22 hour pack - Great for someone who wants to preview next year topics or fill gaps 
  3. Regular program , with summer customization - The best choice to build long term success

Enrolling  Mathnasium @Home program !

Now We are offering Mathnasium @home , program where your child gets all the same experience of Mathnasium, but from the comfort of your home.

Contact us now , to see if you are eligible!

With Mathnasium@home you get:
  • The same instructors and Mathnasium method you know from our center, online and in real time.
  • Learning that can happen anywhere there is a stable internet connection.
  • Safe and secure student-teacher communication.
  • No additional costs.


Now Enrolling for SPRING BREAK CAMP & STAAR prep package

Now Enrolling for Spring break camp from 3/16-3/22, please contact us for details. Also enrolling in STAAR prep package (22 hours) exclusive STAAR prep. 



 Pi Day celebrations at our center
Bring your kids and enjoy the party , totally on us. We will have games, pizza and snacks. There will be prizes and awards. We are celebrating Pi, the celebrety number in MATH. Come to our center by 12:30pm, party ends at 1:30pm

Math Night at Robertson Elementary (RRISD)

We are excited to work with PTA of Robertson Elem, to offer Math night in their cafetaria on Jan 22, 2020

Are you interested to have us entertain kids in your elementary school with Math games, puzzles and pure fun, get in touch with us, we will be happy to spread the joy of Math!

Now Placement test for SAT and STAAR prep 

Every Saturday we are offering a STAAR test,SAT  oriented Diagnostic assessment for Free, contact us.






March 14 marks annual event for math fans and enthusiasts of this unique number

Round Rock, March 14, 2019


Which number is so special that it’s celebrated in many countries around the world? It’s 3.14 … , pi, of course! Pi Day is celebrated each year on March 14.


That’s right, pi—the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, or (π = c/d)—has its own special celebration. Mathnasium of Round Rock will commemorate Pi Day on Wednesday, March 14, at our center, that includes pi-themed food and fun Math activities. All are welcome. Show some math exhibit relating to Pi or Mathnasium and win prizes. 

Time : 5pm to 6pm

 on 3/14 

Venue : Mathnnasium of Round Rock, Sprouts shopping center


Grand Re-opening at a new location, at the intersection of I-35 and RM 620 (sprouts market)

We can't wait to get into our new space located at I-35 and RM-620 in sprounts shopping center,  bigger and more vibrant location. There is something for everyone to do, from Starbucks, McDonalds, Jimmy Johns, Tao Massage, Corner bakery, Sprounts market, Office Depot, just to name a few. It will be thrilling!

We have posted a news article in our News stream, catch up with all the details in that page, and stay tuned for social media updates on Ribbon cutting by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce 

Math Night at Old Town Elementary on Jan 24, 2019

Yey! If you are an OTES parent, come see us at the STEAM night , we are going to be hosting Math night ! Stay tuned for fun and winning prizes

Dear PTAs , PTOs are you planning Math night or STEM night ? we can help!

We are seeking local RRISD schools that would be interested in Mathnasium Of Round Rock coming to your school and hosting a fun filled, game playing, STEM learning, Math Night alongside your PTO or PTA. We supply the games and more! Call us at (512) 402-3207 and let's discuss this awesome opportunity!         



Mathnasium is the Best Math learning center in Austin

 Back to school open house on August 11, 2018 , 1-3pm

                      Win Raffle prizes, special discounts for spot enrollments!

Summer programs


Mathnasium Sponsored Chess classes at Round Rock Public Library

We are glad to be partnering with Round Rock Public Library (RRPL) again this year, to engage the community and groom the youth. We will be sponsoring chess classes on Sunday afternoons , by Paul  Paul Chaplin, a National Master Chess champion with the United States Chess Federation who has taught international chess tactics to students for more than 25 years. Please register from Round rock public library website or on our Facebook page


Summer programs open house on May 19 

We are glad to be hosting Mathnasium Summer programs open house and offer discounts for spot registrations. RSVP by email and enter a Raffle for a Kindle fire HD 8.  Enter the comments "Summer open house"


Math night at Fern bluff elementary on 9/28/17

We are glad to be hosting Math night at the Fern bluff elementary school , together with PTA. We are welcoming the parents and students to come, enjoy the evening with math activities, fun games, and win prizes and have some pizza on us!  Watch out for the flyer in your child's folder and bring it!


We adopted 2nd grade of RRISD to give away school suppplies through the RRISD partners in education foundation- We are excited to be friends of the foundation. Join us at this free event sponsored by PIEF 


Mathnasium of Round rock hosts Game hours at the Round rock public library - 6/17/2017


As partners with RRPL, we are invited again by the Library to host game hours,. Come join us with your kids, play games,  and we are happy to give  prizes and gifts to the students. 



Math night at Blackland Prairie elementary school

We are honored to be invited by Math teachers of BPE to engage, teach and share joy of Math with kids. We had a busy table with lot of kids playing games, doing math.

// ROCK Summer program with offer 2017.pdf


Trimathlon 2016 : Great celebration of Math

we had terrific fun conducting and participating in the Trimathlon again this year! We had a packed house and a great enthusiasm from students, roughly 50% of the students were not enrolled at Mathnasium, that is great to see. We raised funds for the schools and will soon be delivered to the PTAs or schools.

Enjoy some of these pictures!

Library event : How to make number-sense ?

Come see us in the Round rock public library to know about Number sense, and why it is important for kids to develop. Its a free event, No obligation. Time : 2pm-4pm , on Sept-11-2016 at RRPL

                                                       We Make Math Make sense!


Mathnasium of Round rock hosted several Game hours at the Round rock public library.


As partners with RRPL, We sponsored the Library summer Reading program , Prizes and gifts to the students. 

Two free Math camps were offered to the students



Mathnasium Game Days at the Round rock Library

Play games, sharpen math and logic skills with tutors from Mathnasium

June 12 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

 | Free

The Round Rock Public Library welcomes the return of Mathnasium Game Days to the Gallery area this summer to promote fun exploration, logical thinking, and math mastery for students in grades K-12.

Drop in and enjoy logic and strategy games from 1 – 3 p.m. on the following days:

  • Sunday, June 12
  • Sunday, June 19
  • Saturday, June 25

Mathnasium tutors are available during the sessions to play games or to discuss strategies to help students succeed with math.

For more information, please call the Children’s Reference Desk at 512-218-3275.



Summer Camps and packages


We are Enrolling for summer 2016!!
Pre-registration is open now, book now and save $25 till March 31 on the Weekly camps. Contact us for the dates.
The camps are not group lessons , they are still the very same mathnasium style individual tutoring! with Mathnasium materials.
We will have SAT prep packages too.
Three options for summer :
1. One week camp (Morning/Evening) , buy 5 for bulk discount , or join with 4 other friends!
2. 12 hour or 22 hour packages
3. Regular enrollment , including unlimited plans
Ask us for sibling discount.
MATHNASIUM of Round rock participated in Science night at Fern Bluff Elementary


we shared Math tips and tricks with students and entertained them with Math puzzles, games etc. We are assisted by volunteers from Round rock High school Freshman students.

MATHNASIUM NEW SAT Readiness check PREP (Ask us for ACT too)

Are you ready for the new SAT ? Take a FREE SAT readiness check with us on Jan 30 2016

For registration, visit our Event page on our Facebook  and click the eventbrite link 

or directly


5th Annual Trimathlon - October 17




Mathnasium of Round rock is proud to host the 5th Annual Trimathlon :

Open to kids in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5, Mathnasium’s TriMathlon is an annual math event held over the course of one weekend at Mathnasium Learning Centers across the United States and Canada.
This free, fun-filled event allows elementary school kids to demonstrate their mathematical skills in a festive atmosphere and earn money for local schools! All participants receive a fun goody bag and the winners receive additional prizes. 

Register at                   //

Free Math Test review for Students in Round rock during the week of Oct 5-10

Students, Bring your Math test review sheet from your class, schedule an appointment for 40 minutes session with our excellent instructors to understand and learn. We will share our thoughts in next 20 minutes as free consulation. Must call/email ahead and make appointment with student details. email : 

Chalk walk Down town Round rock

Mathnasium of Rouind rock participated in Chalk walk @ Round rock down town, we played games, math puzzles, introduced mental math to many students.

Gatti school Math night 2015

Mathnasium of Rouind rock is proud sponsor of Gattis school PTA and we are honored to be invited by the math teachers to participate in Math night in September, to play math games and math.

Teravista Back to school splash day , Fall 2015

Mathnasium of Rouind rock is proud sponsor of Teravista community activities, and participated in the Back to school splash day! We played games, did some math and interacted with community.

Math Hours at Library on Sundays in Summer 2015

Mathnasium of Rouind rock is proud to host the Library events this summer 



Use the summer break productively to prepare for retaking the STAAR test  or brushing up on the skills that are holding your grade back.  During the camp, students can drill down into specific topics of interest or review the curriculum in entireity whatever is the requirement. We have two flexible spots, morning 9am-11am and evening 5pm-7pm. We print materials, but students are welcome to bring their class materials for review.
Contact us for details.








PI DAY contest at Round Rock public library

We are honored to be partnering with Round Rock public library for holding a Pi-day contest for everyone in community to participate. Be creative and bring your art/exhibit to RRPL on March 14, between 2pm-5pm to earn a prize.

Happy Pi Day! Here at Mathnasium, our love for math is like pi – irrational, constant, and infinite in scope.
This year we’re celebrating a truly exciting once-in-a-century Super Pi Day! On March 14th, 2015 at 9:26:53 a.m./p.m. Pi will be displayed to 10 digits around the US. We hope you'll celebrate the Pi love with us by participating in our Pi Day contests and events at RRPL. In the week leading up to Pi Day, we will post one Pi-themed trivia question per day on our facebook page, and reward correct answers with fun Pi prizes! Celebrate Pi and learn more about everyone’s favorite mathematical constant in the process.

Eight Mathnasium Pi Day prize packs are up for grabs, so put your thinking caps on! Winners will be selected by RRPL staff

Grade K-1    : Creative contest K & Number sense challenge K

Grades 2-5   :  Pi- Creative contest1  & Number sense challenge1

Grades 6-8   :  Pi Creative contest2    & Number sense challenge2

Grades 9-12 :   Pi- Creative contest3 & Number sense  challenge3


Contest items can be an exhibit or a mental thinking skill (like reciting a lot  of digits of pi etc)

Activities 2pm-5pm:

Games involving Math

Mathnasium Tips and tricks 



Just like learning to walk before you can run, learning multiplication and the times tables are building blocks for other math topics taught in school - higher learning such as division, long multiplication, fractions and algebra. Students who have difficulty with the times tables will find these levels of math much more difficult than they need to be. There is no time to pull out a calculator or to take 20 seconds to work out a math strategy before coming up with the answer. Students who have not mastered their tables will very often fall behind in math (and other subjects that use math) and begin to loose confidence. All because they did not work well on the fundemental concepts of mulriplication and times tables!

We Make Math Make Sense. Mastering multiplication would take much more than just these 3 free sessions of Mathnasium Multiplication Madness, in these sessions we try to help kids make sense out of multiplication and understands what multiplication is - but the grouping of sets, repeated addition, a faster way of adding. We use an assortment of manipulatives and techniques of skip counting. Once they master the basics, we would expand upon this concept by creating interesting games and word problems which will allow them to discover the patterns in the numbers and multiplication strategies.