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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Owner/DirectorAmal AlSharif Kheil, Owner/Director

With many years spent raising 2 children, 5 years teaching middle and high school Math and Science in Saginaw Public School System, and over 10 years teaching math at Delta College under her belt, Amal understands how stressful math can be for a child - and that it doesn't have to be. In her role as a mother and school teacher, she has seen first-hand the importance a solid understanding of mathematics plays in a child's academic career and that mathematics is an important building block for a strong foundation for problem solving and success in various careers and fields. She has an amazing ability to make learning fun, and an excellent rapport with children. Amal has earned a Masters in Arts in Teaching Mathematics from SVSU in 2012, a Bachelor of Arts in Education major in Math minor in Science from SVSU in 2003 and an Associate of Science from Delta College in 2000. Amal is excited about opening a Mathnasium center in Saginaw. She looks forward to making learning math fun and exciting for all students.


Owner/DirectorHabib A. Kheil, Owner/Director

Children think they hate math, in reality, they hate being confused and intimidated by math. Habib's over 28 years experience teaching math and the extensive training in the Mathnasium method prepared him to help turn your child's confusion and intimidation into success! Habib has a life long passion for mathematics and education. He believes everyone can learn and enjoy math and if students can answer the "WHY" question, they have learned. It's a mission for him to change the negative attitude about math to a positive attitude. More Knowledge = More Power. Habib earned a Masters of Science in Mathematics and computer Science from Ohio University in 1988, a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Bradley University in 1986, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University in 1983. He is a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Delta College since 1989. Habib is married to a very smart and hard working lady, Amal. They have 2 great children, Yasmeen and Abdul , both are students at SASA. He is very active in the community and serves on several boards. A Graduate of "Leadership Saginaw" class 2005, & "1000 Leaders" in 2003. Certified facilitator of "Dialogue Circles" on race relations. Owner of Yasmeen's Mediterranean Foods. Loves to travel and have visited over 17 countries.


Jenna Jacoby, Instructor

Jenna Jacoby is a freshman at Saginaw Valley State University. She was born and raised in Saginaw and graduated with honors from Heritage High School in 2017. She has loved math throughout her school career and loves working with kids. She also works with middle and high school students at her church as an intern with the youth group. Jenna's hobbies include reading, dancing, and playing the violin and piano. She was in Art Club and Fiddle Club in high school. She was also in the Tutor Assistant Program at Heritage High School, assisting the teacher and tutoring students in Geometry. She is a math education major, plans on teaching middle and high school, and earned early enrollment into the College of Education at SVSU.


Abdul Kheil, Instructor

Abdul's love for math has been growing exponentially and Mathnasium played a big part in his math education and enjoyment of math. He attended SASA till 10th grade and is now taking college courses in an Early College program at Delta College. With a grade of A in Calculus 1,2 and 3. In January he will be transferring to Kettering University where he plans to study Mechanical Engineering. Abdul enjoys working with kids and challenging them to come up with more than one way to work a math problem as he tries to explain the math ideas to the struggling student in different ways to help them understand. Abdul's hobbies include building contractions with Legos, drumming, cars, swimming and casual sports.

Hadley Wells, Instructor

Hadley is a junior in high school, currently taking all her classes at Delta College. She was homeschooled for middle school and began attending Delta when she was a freshman in high school, and she has made the Delta College President's list multiple times. Throughout her schooling has always enjoyed math, and Hadley enjoys teaching and helping other people understand it as well.

Monica Bougatsos, Instructor

Monica grew up in Rochester Hills and move to mid Michigan just last year. She’s going to school for elementary education with a major in math and loves literature. She’s on the President's list at Delta College and plans to continue her education at SVSU. In her free time I like to read and do things outdoors. 

Raheem Ahmed, Instructor

Raheem Ahmed is a senior at Heritage High School. He was born in Saginaw and now lives in Freeland. Raheem has excelled in all his math classes in high school, ranging from Honors Algebra 2 to AP Calculus AB, and has been on the Principal’s Honor Roll for the past three years. Raheem has loved math since elementary school, now working with students at his high school as a Peer Tutor for math classes ranging from Geometry to Pre-Calculus. In the 5th grade, he decided to attend the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy for grades 6-8 to specialize in the Math/Science concentration. Raheem decided to move to Heritage for high school to pursue other interests beside his STEM-related ones. Raheem is a huge STEM advocator, involving himself in Science Olympiad, Robotics, Science Quiz Bowl, Math Olympics, participation at STEM Day, and specialized science research that is the focus of his Science Fair projects entered at the Flint Regional Science Fair. Raheem is the Treasurer of Student Assembly (form of student government), the Treasurer of his school’s Multicultural Club, the leader of his Science Quiz Bowl team, and the President of his high school’s DECA chapter. Raheem hopes to pursue a degree in Biology and Business Administration once he graduates from high school.

Hope Gockenbach, Instructor

Hope is a Senior at Saginaw Valley State University, pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with a focus in mathematics. She grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and was homeschooled throughout her K-12 education. She learned to love math in high school and college and has a passion to share her interest in math with students. She enjoys seeing patterns in the world around her and is fascinated with how math can explain and make sense of so much in life.  She hopes to share that fascination with students. Hope has worked with elementary students in a variety of contexts including church programs, classroom settings, and one-on-one tutoring, and she enjoys spending time with children in any setting.  Her hobbies include reading a variety of books, baking sweets, and running outside.

Shayaan Aqil, Instructor

Shayaan’s passion for math began in his eigth grade geometry class at the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy. He now attends heritage as a senior and is currently taking AP Calculus BC.  Shayaan loves to work with kids of all ages because it gives him the ability to have a positive impact on someone’s life. He wants to spread his love for Math to others.  Outside of academics, he also loves to play soccer, compete with his schools’ DECA club, and also shows his cultural pride as the Director of Advertising for the Multicultural Club. Shayaan hopes to attend the University of Michigan to major Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. 

Mark Pollock, Instructor

Mark is a retired PhD Chemical Engineer who has always had a fascination for the uses of Math, both theoretical and more importantly in real life.  While he has had many advanced mathematics classes in his academic career, he still considers himself a lifelong learner and continues to refresh his skills through educating others, and relearning through “dusting off” old skills. For the last two years he has tutored Math at Saint Brigid’s Catholic School in Midland, and his desire to help students become better in Math in part stems from his wife having been a teacher for many years and her joy in seeing students grow. He believes that being a good mathematician is not just about doing the calculations over and over again, but to use a deeper understanding of Math to look for the most efficient (both quicker and likely more accurate) means to solve problems. He enjoys reading, both science fiction and fantasy, and using humor in all aspects of his life to keep people on their toes!


Children think they hate math, in reality, they hate being confused and intimidated by math