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My child is already advanced in math. Will Mathnasium still be helpful?

Yes!  Our San Anselmo mathematics tutors strive to deliver a highly individualized, strategic approach to enhancing your child’s mathematical skills, no matter their age or academic ability.  At Mathnasium, we believe each student is unique and deserves to be properly challenged, so we focus on creating a personalized strategic action plan to suit each individual child.  


My child used to do well in math, but seems discouraged and is falling behind. Can Mathnasium help?

Feeling defeated in the classroom is a common problem facing our educational system today.  Too many teachers are focused on memorization in order to meet state testing requirements. Instead, these educators should be providing valuable emphasis on proper mathematical methods and techniques.  At Mathnasium of San Anselmo, our goal is to provide your child with the proper skills in order to close their learning gaps, increase their grades in school, and permanently enhance their academic confidence.  Our program features a comprehensive evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses, and focuses on developing and implementing a strategic action plan to ensure future success.  We want your child to enjoy math class again! 

Is one-on-one tutoring the answer for my child?

Many tutoring programs are valuable for short-term grade improvement, but often lack a foundational teaching of core fundamentals which are key to your child’s educational success.  These instructors are often able to assist with homework help and test preparation, but possess an absence of sufficient qualifications to appropriately demonstrate core concepts your child will need to grasp for long-term success.  Our focus is to eliminate memorization, understand and build on key concepts, and develop flexibility and assurance in the subject.  Mathnasium will help your young learner understand the foundational core concepts and enhance their critical thinking abilities, which are necessary to continue on a successful mathematical journey.     


What makes Mathnasium the best option for my child?

Our world-renowned learning atmosphere is an ideal setting for your young learner!  Our highly proficient approach to educational success combined with our progressive evaluation process inspires academic achievement in an encouraging, social setting.  At Mathnasium of San Anselmo, we focus on the path to your child’s success by recognizing how they succeed and implementing a strategic plan that emphasizes their strengths and develops their weaknesses.  Our exceptionally-trained educators will provide an abundance of positive, engaging feedback to your student and surrounding peers, encouraging success every step of the way, no matter their proficiency level.  This paired with frequent check-ins and visual ways for students to track their growth, your young learner will build the essential, permanent, fundamental skills necessary to enhance their confidence and succeed academically in the future.


Call Now (628) 203-5344 and Let's Get Started!
Does Mathnasium Really Work?

Yes! Quite well, but don't take our word for it -

Read our Parent Reviews

We get 100's of reviews that are glowing about how struggling students come alive after coming to Mathnasium. Their grades increase and their confidence skyrockets! Take a moment to read what your neighbors have to say about us.

Prepare your child for academic confidence and success!  Contact Mathnasium of San Anselmo today for a complimentary evaluation and to ensure our strategic approach to improve math skills is right for you. Our math learning center proudly serves the communities of San Anselmo, San Rafael, Kentfield, Ross, Fairfax, and Larkspur. 

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Call Now (628) 203-5344 and Let's Get Started!



Where are your child’s math skills?

Both you and your child can take our interactive quizzes to see how much you remember! What grade are they in?




You pay nothing at the time the student is assessed. After the learning plan is created, we will meet to discuss the plan so you can decide whether you want to enroll the student. If you do not enroll, you pay nothing.

Catch up, Keep up, And Get Ahead!

Once enrolled in Mathnasium, we work like a gym.  Students come as often as you'd like.  And, you don't have to schedule your visits.  That's right - UNLIMITED attendance.  The only thing that does need to be scheduled is the initial assessment (where we baseline your student's math skills).  Our team is excited to work with you and your family to meet all your math needs!