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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CenterDirectorJennifer Young, Owner/Center Director 

Jennifer earned her bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and Small Business Management from San Francisco State University.  Having spent 20 years working in high-tech as a Software Engineer, she most recently worked at IBM delivering innovative SaaS products using ETL technologies for major retail chains.

Jennifer, a mother of three, is very involved with her kids' lives.  She volunteers in school events, extracurricular activities and is currently an active participant at her son's school. Being a big promoter of success in education, she decided to enroll her kids into the Mathnasium program. Having a love for children and seeing how the Mathnasium program boosted her kids math skills gave her the desire to become a Mathnasium owner.  Her goal is to help kids build a stong foundation in math while providing the confidence to tackle any problems coming their way.  At Mathnasium we teach math that makes sense, while having fun!   She believes kids believing in themselves and enoying what they do, will be successful.

She is excited to bring the Mathnasium method to the community of San Bruno.


 ET, Assistant Center Director


Ariana, Lead Instructor 

Hello! I'm Ariana, a 2018 graduate and valedictorian of Burlingame High School. I love being challenged and challenging others with problem solving, and have participated in several math competitions throughout the year, including AMC, BMT, AMATYC, and CAML. I enjoy working with others to help them understand my passion for learning and math.  

In my free time, I enjoy performing violin with my orchestra (PYO), pole vaulting on the BHS track team, and rock climbing! I currently am also working at Planet Granite as Event Staff. This fall, I look forward to attending UC Berkeley as an intended pure math and computer science double major, as well as joining the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra!

Francesca, Lead Instructor

Francesca has a bachelor's degree in Business Management, a master's in Energy and Environmental Studies, and a Cerficiate in Engineering, Business, and Sustainability from UC Berkeley. She is a freelance clean tech and data analyst who has worked at various companies in the technology and solar industries. She is learning to program web-based data visualizations and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and the opportunity to work with people, especially kids! Through BOTH data visualization and through teaching math, she enjoys being able to convey complex concepts to others in way that makes sense to them.


Alex, Lead Instructor

Hello! The name is Alex, and I am a graduate of UC San Diego with a
B.S. in NanoEngineering / Materials Science Engineering. I have a passion for problem solving, and I love seeing different people’s perspectives and approaches to the same problem. For every problem, there are infinitely many paths to the solution, and math is no exception! My goal at Mathnasium is to go further than just teaching math by building confidence and a solid foundation in kids’ problem solving skills that will allow them to  pursue whatever goals they may have in the future.

Besides Mathnasium, I also work with self-driving cars in San Francisco! It's one of many exciting industries requiring math skills that I would love to to discuss with students.

In my spare time, I enjoy track cycling, motorcycles, tennis, and competitive video and board games (Catan anyone?). 


Frank, Instructor

Frank graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics, minor Computer Science.  He has since returned to SFSU to continue studying Computer Science.  He would like to see the attention put into rephrasing math into a structure a computer can be taught shared in the classroom and replace teaching by rote.


Kinnan, Instructor

What’s up? I’m Kinnan, and I’m currently a senior at St. Ignatius College Preparatory. I’m super into math, especially it’s applications toward daily problem solving and artistic design. I’m always excited to challenge myself, and I love sharing that same passion for constant self-growth with others.  Whenever I can, I’m always looking to have fun and be productive. I love to play sports and draw/be creative on my days off. I’ve played baseball and volleyball in school, and I’m a part of my high school’s jazz band.


William, Instructor

Hi! My name is Will, and I'm a junior at Carlmont High School. I have a love for using math to solve real life scenarios, and believe that math is one of the most rewarding and gratifying subjects there is. I always want students to not just be able to solve problems, but to understand them and be comfortable with the techniques used. I spend my free time either playing sports such as track or soccer, practicing music, and playing video games.


Ana, Instructor

 Hi! My name is Ana, and I’m a junior at Carlmont High School. I enjoy studying math in school and believe that it is an important tool in developing reasoning and critical thinking skills in everyday life. I intend for the students to build a strong foundation in math and enhance their problem-solving abilities in the process. I take part in a robotics team, play lacrosse, and participate in my school’s orchestra. In my spare time, I enjoy taking hikes and being in nature.



Terrance, Instructor

Terrance recently graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics, Statistics.  He doesn't want to work in an office, however, and so he is currently studying in the Electrical Power Systems and Instrumentation program at College of San Mateo.  He is very fond of mathematics, and would love for students of all ages to appreciate mathematics as much as possible!


Jason, Instructor

Jason recently graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in economics.  Originating from the east coast, Jason wanted to experience life in California.  He enjoys teaching students but also traveling, hiking, exploring and taking photography.



Jenise, Instructor

Jenise graduated from Mercy High School, Burlingame, and went on her earn her Bachelor's degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Entrepreneurship at Sierra Nevada College. She now

travels the world competing in Half Pipe as a Professional Snowboarder, but is back in the Bay Area while she is recovering from an injury. She enjoys tutoring kids in math because she can help them see that math is everywhere in the world, not just the classroom!