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Mathnasium of San Clemente is now reopen for in-center instruction. Thank you for your patience and understanding these last few months!

Our Results

At Mathnasium, we help kids understand math by teaching the way that makes sense to them. Children who consistently attend sessions at our learning centers enjoy a transformative learning experience and make huge strides in the classroom.

Attitude: When math makes sense, kids develop a more positive attitude toward math.

Understanding: Mathnasium teaches for understanding, giving students the ability to succeed in any math environment. As Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer notes, “It's pretty easy to forget things you memorize and near impossible to forget things you understand."

School Progress: When kids learn math in a way that they truly understand, they achieve greater success in the classroom.

See what people say about Mathnasium

My daughter started attending Mathnasium (San Clemente) in elementary school because she was ready to move on past her grade level and the public school system could not provide her individual challenging instruction in Math.  She is now a Jr. in HS and is excelling at Honors Pre Calc.  (I don't know how they do it;  Not even the teenagers seem to be unhappy about being there!)  Thank you for the support, (academic and non-academic), structure, and confidence you've provided through the years.  It's all good from the tutors (David) to the administrative staff (Victoria) to the owner (Thank You-Mr. Kapil Mathur!) #collegebound #buildslogicalthinking #bestmoneyweeverspent
Betty S., San Clemente, CA 11/4/14

My daughter Tori was struggling with middle school math. Unfortunately for her, she has a mother who majored in English and had as difficult a time understanding mathematical concepts as she did! After allowing her the opportunity to study harder and communicate with her teacher for extra help, I realized that if I did not step in, she would be attending summer school! At the end of January I signed her up for a 6 month program, I can happily report that she went from a low D to a final semester grade of an A @92%!

Tracy Stout, San Clemente, CA 8/1/14

We can't say enough good things about the staff at Mathnasium San Clemente.  Lisa and David have been such a tremendous help to both of our girls over the years. (as have many of the tutors past and present). Our younger daughter has been in the Mathnasium program since before she began middle school and is now about to be a sophomore in high school.  They have always worked with us to accommodate the math needs that my daughter had.  They have gone out of their way and above and beyond to help her pass her math classes year after year.  Math is and probably will always be a struggle for her but without their help she never would have passed. Success story...they worked with us to help her raise her D+ grade freshman year and pass the class!!!  We were all thrilled with the results. Our older daughter used the one on one tutoring with David and he was a great with her year in Geometry.  We would highly recommend Mathnasium San Clemente!!!  Thanks!!!
  • Jo Ann G.San Clemente, CA, 6/28/14

My son attended Mathnasium for about 1 and a half years. Our math woes started with 8th grade Algebra, but thankfully while attending Mathnasium, my son was able to raise his D to a A! Because I was way beyond the phase of being able to help my son with math, I continued having him attend  Mathnasium throughout 9th grade and he was able to maintain an A again. My son spoke very fondly of each of the teachers who worked with him, and even though he went 4x a week, he never complained about having to go (amazing, right?!?)! It's so convenient to schedule appointments using their online system, the director was always responsive and professional, and they email periodic reports showing the progress of your child. 

Tracy H., San Clemente, CA, 6/14/14

I started going to Mathnasium when I realized I was deeply struggling with my Pre-Calc class and was in desperate need of passing, with finals just two weeks away. When I contacted Mathnasium, they were willing to fit me in the schedule the same day. Lisa, the director, was so helpful in making sure that I got in the amount of time and days I needed. David was my tutor throughout the entire process and was incredibly helpful in showing me different techniques and adjusting to my level of thinking. He was great at making sure I was understanding the steps rather than memorizing them. I was able to pass my final with an A thanks to Mathnasium!! I would highly recommend this center to anyone struggling with math!


Morgane M. Mission Viejo, CA, 5/24/2014

My two kids are bright and have always done and tested well in math. Until high school...then we had all kinds of challenges where the teaching wasn't up-to-snuff. And 40 kids in a class doesn't help. BUT they have done so much better with Mathnasium. They wouldn't be getting As and Bs in honors math classes if it weren't for the excellent support and instruction they get at Mathnasium. I'd highly recommend them to anyone struggling in math!


Tara S. Mission Viejo, CA, 5/10/2014

All three of my kids have attended Mathnasium in San Clemente and we have been extremely satisfied with the results. The Center Director, Lisa, is amazing. She is organized and really on top of your child's learning plan and progress. The results were apparent immediately. I would highly recommend to all my friends and neighbors.


A. C. San Clemente, CA, 5/5/2014

We have been using the services at Mathnasium since 2007 when one of our children was struggling in Geometry 8th grade. After a very thorough assessment and a couple weeks of tutoring he went from a D to an A on his next test. A few years later in Pre-Calc during 10th grade he needed some tutoring, and again Mathnasium made all the difference. Last fall we were shocked to find out that another one of our children was testing way below her potential on 6th grade placement test. We had her assessed at Mathnasium and has been attending for the last 6 months. She now gets A's in math. They have a very thorough assessment and the teaching philosophy is much more in depth than you will find at most public schools. The environment is conducive to learning and the individual tutors are knowledgeable and effective. The cost is cheaper in the long run than hiring a private tutor. We have referred many other families and they have also seen improvements.


Elizabeth J. San Clemente, CA, 3/27/2014

Mathnasium has been so amazing for my daughter! I would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering math tutoring for their child. I was so incredibly pleased. The nicest part about it was that my daughter liked going..something I was not expecting at all. I thought I would have to drag her there each week. They make Mathnasium fun. It was a very good experience for all of us.


Teresa Abel-Chadsey San Clemente, CA, 11/19/2013

Great staff and great learning experience for my fourth grader. Within just 2 months he went from struggling with math to loving math. He gets it now. Thank you San Clemente Mathnasium!


Michele A., San Clemente, CA. 5/9/2013

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